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 DeCS Categories

C07 Stomatognathic Diseases .
C07.650 Stomatognathic System Abnormalities .
C07.650.800 Tooth Abnormalities .
C07.650.800.100 Anodontia .
C07.650.800.255 Dental Enamel Hypoplasia .
C07.793 Tooth Diseases .
C07.793.700 Tooth Abnormalities .
C07.793.700.100 Anodontia .
C07.793.700.255 Dental Enamel Hypoplasia .
C12 Male Urogenital Diseases .
C12.706 Urogenital Abnormalities .
C12.706.316 Disorders of Sex Development .
C12.706.316.309 Gonadal Dysgenesis .
C13 Female Urogenital Diseases and Pregnancy Complications .
C13.351 Female Urogenital Diseases .
C13.351.875 Urogenital Abnormalities .
C13.351.875.253 Disorders of Sex Development .
C13.351.875.253.309 Gonadal Dysgenesis .
C16 Congenital, Hereditary, and Neonatal Diseases and Abnormalities .
C16.131 Congenital Abnormalities .
C16.131.433 Hernias, Diaphragmatic, Congenital .
C16.131.850 Stomatognathic System Abnormalities .
C16.131.850.800 Tooth Abnormalities .
C16.131.850.800.100 Anodontia .
C16.131.850.800.255 Dental Enamel Hypoplasia .
C16.131.894 Thyroid Dysgenesis .
C16.131.939 Urogenital Abnormalities .
C16.131.939.316 Disorders of Sex Development .
C16.131.939.316.309 Gonadal Dysgenesis .
C19 Endocrine System Diseases .
C19.391 Gonadal Disorders .
C19.391.119 Disorders of Sex Development .
C19.391.119.309 Gonadal Dysgenesis .
C19.874 Thyroid Diseases .
C19.874.689 Thyroid Dysgenesis .
C23 Pathological Conditions, Signs and Symptoms .
C23.300 Pathological Conditions, Anatomical .
C23.300.707 Hernia .
C23.300.707.500 Hernia, Diaphragmatic .
C23.300.707.500.116 Hernias, Diaphragmatic, Congenital .
 Synonyms & Historicals
/abnormalities .
/agenesis .
/anomalies .
/aplasia .
/atresia .
/birth defects .
/congenital defects .
/defects .
/deformities .
/hypoplasia .
/malformations .
Used with organs for congenital defects producing changes in the morphology of the organ. It is used also for abnormalities in animals. .
Thyroid Dysgenesis .
Thyroid Agenesis .
Thyroid, Ectopic .
Agenesis, Thyroid .
Dysgenesis, Thyroid .
Ectopic Thyroid .
Ectopic Thyroids .
Hypoplasia, Thyroid .
Thyroids, Ectopic .
Thyroid Hypoplasia .
Defective development of the THYROID GLAND. This concept includes thyroid agenesis (aplasia), hypoplasia, or an ectopic gland. Clinical signs usually are those of CONGENITAL HYPOTHYROIDISM. .
Dental Enamel Hypoplasia .
Enamel Agenesis .
Enamel Hypoplasia, Dental .
Hypoplasia, Dental Enamel .
Hypoplastic Enamel .
Molar Incisor Hypomineralization .
Ageneses, Enamel .
Agenesis, Enamel .
Enamel Ageneses .
Enamel Hypoplasias .
Enamel, Hypoplastic .
Hypomineralization, Molar Incisor .
Hypoplasia, Enamel .
Hypoplasias, Enamel .
Enamel Hypoplasia .
An acquired or hereditary condition due to deficiency in the formation of tooth enamel (AMELOGENESIS). It is usually characterized by defective, thin, or malformed DENTAL ENAMEL. Risk factors for enamel hypoplasia include gene mutations, nutritional deficiencies, diseases, and environmental factors. .
Gonadal Dysgenesis .
Gonadal Agenesis .
Dysgenesis, Gonadal .
A number of syndromes with defective gonadal developments such as streak GONADS and dysgenetic testes or ovaries. The spectrum of gonadal and sexual abnormalities is reflected in their varied sex chromosome (SEX CHROMOSOMES) constitution as shown by the karyotypes of 45,X monosomy (TURNER SYNDROME); 46,XX (GONADAL DYSGENESIS, 46XX); 46,XY (GONADAL DYSGENESIS, 46,XY); and sex chromosome MOSAICISM; (GONADAL DYSGENESIS, MIXED). Their phenotypes range from female, through ambiguous, to male. This concept includes gonadal agenesis. .
Hernias, Diaphragmatic, Congenital .
Agenesis of Hemidiaphragm .
Bochdalek Hernias .
Congenital Diaphragmatic Defect .
Morgagni Hernias .
Morgagni's Hernias .
Unilateral Agenesis of Diaphragm .
Congenital Diaphragmatic Defects .
Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia .
Defect, Congenital Diaphragmatic .
Defects, Congenital Diaphragmatic .
Diaphragm Unilateral Ageneses .
Diaphragm Unilateral Agenesis .
Diaphragmatic Defect, Congenital .
Diaphragmatic Defects, Congenital .
Diaphragmatic Hernia, Congenital .
Diaphragmatic Hernias, Congenital .
Hemidiaphragm Ageneses .
Hemidiaphragm Agenesis .
Hernia, Congenital Diaphragmatic .
Hernias, Bochdalek .
Hernias, Congenital Diaphragmatic .
Hernias, Morgagni .
Hernias, Morgagni's .
Morgagnis Hernias .
Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernias .
Protrusion of abdominal structures into the THORAX as a result of embryologic defects in the DIAPHRAGM often present in the neonatal period. It can be isolated, syndromic, nonsyndromic or be a part of chromosome abnormality. Associated pulmonary hypoplasia and PULMONARY HYPERTENSION can further complicate stabilization and surgical intervention. .
Anodontia .
Hypodontia Oligodontia 1 .
Tooth Agenesis, Familial .
Tooth Agenesis, Selective, 1 .
Ageneses, Familial Tooth .
Agenesis, Familial Tooth .
Familial Tooth Ageneses .
Familial Tooth Agenesis .
Hypodontia Oligodontia 1s .
Oligodontia 1, Hypodontia .
Oligodontia 1s, Hypodontia .
Tooth Ageneses, Familial .
Hypodontia .
Congenital absence of the teeth; it may involve all (total anodontia) or only some of the teeth (partial anodontia, hypodontia), and both the deciduous and the permanent dentition, or only teeth of the permanent dentition. (Dorland, 27th ed) .