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 DeCS Categories

B03 Bacteria .
B03.440 Gram-Negative Bacteria .
B03.440.400 Gram-Negative Aerobic Bacteria .
B03.440.400.425 Gram-Negative Aerobic Rods and Cocci .
B03.440.400.425.297 Coxiellaceae .
B03.440.647 Rickettsiaceae .
B03.440.647.650 Rickettsieae .
B03.440.647.650.650 Rickettsia .
B03.440.647.650.650.650 Rickettsia rickettsii .
B03.660 Proteobacteria .
B03.660.050 Alphaproteobacteria .
B03.660.050.765 Rickettsiaceae .
B03.660.050.765.650 Rickettsieae .
B03.660.050.765.650.650 Rickettsia .
B03.660.050.765.650.650.650 Rickettsia rickettsii .
B03.660.250 Gammaproteobacteria .
B03.660.250.132 Coxiellaceae .
C01 Bacterial Infections and Mycoses .
C01.252 Bacterial Infections .
C01.252.400 Gram-Negative Bacterial Infections .
C01.252.400.780 Rickettsiaceae Infections .
C01.252.400.780.790 Rickettsia Infections .
C01.252.400.780.790.750 Spotted Fever Group Rickettsiosis .
C01.252.400.780.790.750.500 Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever .
C01.252.400.825 Tick-Borne Diseases .
C01.252.400.825.887 Spotted Fever Group Rickettsiosis .
C01.252.400.825.887.500 Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever .
SP4 Environmental Health .
SP4.011 Science .
SP4.011.107 Microbiology .
SP4.011.107.178 Bacteria .
SP4. Rickettsia .
 Synonyms & Historicals
/microbiology .
/bacteria .
/fungi .
/bacteriology .
/mycology .
/rickettsia .
Used with organs, animals, and higher plants and with diseases for microbiologic studies. For parasites, "parasitology" is used; for viruses, "virology" is used. .
Rickettsia .
A genus of gram-negative, aerobic, rod-shaped bacteria often surrounded by a protein microcapsular layer and slime layer. The natural cycle of its organisms generally involves a vertebrate and an invertebrate host. Species of the genus are the etiological agents of human diseases, such as typhus. .
Rickettsia rickettsii .
A species of gram-negative, aerobic bacteria that is the etiologic agent of ROCKY MOUNTAIN SPOTTED FEVER. Its cells are slightly smaller and more uniform in size than those of RICKETTSIA PROWAZEKII. .
Alphaproteobacteria .
Proteobacteria alpha .
alpha Proteobacteria .
Rickettsiales .
A class in the phylum PROTEOBACTERIA comprised mostly of two major phenotypes: purple non-sulfur bacteria and aerobic bacteriochlorophyll-containing bacteria. .
Rickettsiaceae .
A family of small, gram-negative organisms, often parasitic in humans and other animals, causing diseases that may be transmitted by invertebrate vectors. .
Spotted Fever Group Rickettsiosis .
African Tick-Bite Fever .
Far Eastern Spotted Fever .
Flinders Island Spotted Fever .
Japanese Spotted Fever .
North Asian Tick Typhus .
Queensland Tick Typhus .
Rickettsia aeschlimannii Infection .
Rickettsia africae Infection .
Rickettsia akari Infection .
Rickettsia australis Infection .
Rickettsia slovaca Infection .
Spotted Fever Group Rickettsioses .
Spotted Fevers .
Tick-Borne Lymphadenopathy .
African Tick Bite Fever .
Fever, African Tick-Bite .
Fever, Japanese Spotted .
Fever, Spotted .
Fevers, Japanese Spotted .
Fevers, Spotted .
Infection, Rickettsia aeschlimannii .
Infection, Rickettsia africae .
Infection, Rickettsia akari .
Infection, Rickettsia australis .
Infection, Rickettsia slovaca .
Infections, Rickettsia aeschlimannii .
Infections, Rickettsia africae .
Infections, Rickettsia akari .
Infections, Rickettsia australis .
Infections, Rickettsia slovaca .
Japanese Spotted Fevers .
Lymphadenopathies, Tick-Borne .
Lymphadenopathy, Tick-Borne .
Rickettsia aeschlimannii Infections .
Rickettsia africae Infections .
Rickettsia akari Infections .
Rickettsia australis Infections .
Rickettsia slovaca Infections .
Spotted Fever .
Spotted Fever, Japanese .
Tick Borne Lymphadenopathy .
Tick Typhus, Queensland .
Tick-Bite Fever, African .
Tick-Borne Lymphadenopathies .
Typhus, Queensland Tick .
Rickettsialpox .
A group of arthropod-borne diseases caused by spotted fever bio-group members of RICKETTSIA. They are characterized by fever, headache, and petechial (spotted) rash. .
Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever .
Brazilian Spotted Fever .
Rickettsia rickettsii Infection .
Fever, Brazilian Spotted .
Infection, Rickettsia rickettsii .
Rickettsia rickettsii Infections .
Spotted Fever, Brazilian .
Sao Paulo Typhus .
Typhus, Sao Paulo .
An acute febrile illness caused by RICKETTSIA RICKETTSII. It is transmitted to humans by bites of infected ticks and occurs only in North and South America. Characteristics include a sudden onset with headache and chills and fever lasting about two to three weeks. A cutaneous rash commonly appears on the extremities and trunk about the fourth day of illness. .
Coxiellaceae .
Rickettsiella .
A family of gram-negative bacteria in the order Legionellales. It includes genera COXIELLA and Rickettsiella. .