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 DeCS Categories

A07 Cardiovascular System .
A07.231 Blood Vessels .
A07.231.114 Arteries .
A07.231.114.186 Carotid Arteries .
A07. Carotid Artery, Common .
A07. Carotid Artery, Internal .
E02 Therapeutics .
E02.319 Drug Therapy .
E02.319.307 Drug Prescriptions .
E02.319.307.500 Off-Label Use .
E06 Dentistry .
E06.721 Periodontics .
E06.721.189 Dental Prophylaxis .
E06.761 Preventive Dentistry .
E06.761.227 Dental Prophylaxis .
F01 Behavior and Behavior Mechanisms .
F01.752 Personality .
F01.752.190 Character .
I01 Social Sciences .
I01.198 Criminology .
I01.198.290 Criminal Law .
I01.409 Government .
I01.409.418 Government Agencies .
I01.409.418.750 United States Government Agencies .
I01.409.418.750.998 United States Office of Technology Assessment .
I01.880 Sociology .
I01.880.604 Social Control, Formal .
I01.880.604.583 Jurisprudence .
I01.880.604.583.100 Criminal Law .
K01 Humanities .
K01.752 Philosophy .
K01.752.566 Morals .
K01.752.566.479 Ethics .
K01.752.566.479.095 Conflict of Interest .
M01 Persons .
M01.142 Criminals .
N03 Health Care Economics and Organizations .
N03.540 Organizations .
N03.540.348 Government .
N03.540.348.500 Federal Government .
N03.540.348.500.500 United States Government Agencies .
N03.540.348.500.500.998 United States Office of Technology Assessment .
N03.706 Social Control, Formal .
N03.706.535 Jurisprudence .
N05 Health Care Quality, Access, and Evaluation .
N05.350 Ethics .
N05.350.225 Conflict of Interest .
SP9 Health Law .
SP9.120 Liability, Legal .
SP9.120.080 Criminal Liability .
SP9.120.080.010 Criminal Law .
 Synonyms & Historicals
Criminal Law .
Criminal Laws .
Justice, Criminal .
Law, Criminal .
Laws, Criminal .
Criminal Justice .
A branch of law that defines criminal offenses, regulates the apprehension, charging and trial of suspected persons, and fixes the penalties and modes of treatment applicable to convicted offenders. .
Criminals .
Offenders .
Criminal .
Offender .
War Criminal .
Persons who have committed a crime or have been convicted of a crime. .
Conflict of Interest .
Interest Conflict .
Interest Conflicts .
A situation in which an individual might benefit personally from official or professional actions. It includes a conflict between a person's private interests and official responsibilities in a position of trust. The term is not restricted to government officials. The concept refers both to actual conflict of interest and the appearance or perception of conflict. .
Jurisprudence .
Constitutional Law .
Court Decision .
Law 5842 .
Legal Aspects .
Legal Obligations .
Legal Status .
State Interest .
Aspect, Legal .
Aspects, Legal .
Constitutional Laws .
Court Decisions .
Decision, Court .
Decisions, Court .
Interest, State .
Interests, State .
Jurisprudence, Medical .
Law, Constitutional .
Laws 5842 .
Laws, Constitutional .
Legal Aspect .
Legal Obligation .
Litigations .
Obligation, Legal .
Obligations, Legal .
State Interests .
Status, Legal .
Medical Jurisprudence .
Litigation .
The science or philosophy of law. Also, the application of the principles of law and justice to health and medicine. .
Character .
Characters .
In current usage, approximately equivalent to personality. The sum of the relatively fixed personality traits and habitual modes of response of an individual. .
Dental Prophylaxis .
Prophylaxis, Dental .
Treatment for the prevention of periodontal diseases or other dental diseases by the cleaning of the teeth in the dental office using the procedures of DENTAL SCALING and DENTAL POLISHING. The treatment may include plaque detection, removal of supra- and subgingival plaque and calculus, application of caries-preventing agents, checking of restorations and prostheses and correcting overhanging margins and proximal contours of restorations, and checking for signs of food impaction. .
Off-Label Use .
Off-Label Prescribing .
Unlabeled Indication .
Indication, Unlabeled .
Indications, Unlabeled .
Off Label Prescribing .
Off Label Use .
Off-Label Prescribings .
Off-Label Uses .
Prescribing, Off-Label .
Prescribings, Off-Label .
Unlabeled Indications .
Use, Off-Label .
Uses, Off-Label .
The practice of prescribing or using a drug outside the scope of the drug's official approved label as designated by a regulatory agency concerning the treatment of a particular disease or condition. .
Carotid Artery, Internal .
Arteries, Internal Carotid .
Artery, Internal Carotid .
Carotid Arteries, Internal .
Internal Carotid Arteries .
Internal Carotid Artery .
Branch of the common carotid artery which supplies the anterior part of the brain, the eye and its appendages, the forehead and nose. .
United States Office of Technology Assessment .
United States Congress Office of Technology Assessment .
Office of Technology Assessment (U.S.) .
An office established to help Congress participate and plan for the consequences of uses of technology. It provided information on both the beneficial and adverse effects of technological applications. The Office of Technology Assessment closed on September 29, 1995. .