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 DeCS Categories

D01 Inorganic Chemicals .
D01.200 Carbon Compounds, Inorganic .
D01.200.210 Carbon Disulfide .
D01.875 Sulfur Compounds .
D01.875.350 Hydrogen Sulfide .
D01.875.350.850 Sulfides .
D01.875.350.850.074 Carbon Disulfide .
D02 Organic Chemicals .
D02.033 Alcohols .
D02.033.100 Amino Alcohols .
D02.033.100.291 Ethanolamines .
D02. Ethanolamine .
D02.033.160 Benzyl Alcohols .
D02.033.160.100 Benzyl Alcohol .
D02.033.260 Chlorohydrins .
D02.033.260.220 Chlorobutanol .
D02.033.375 Ethanol .
D02.033.375.291 Ethanolamines .
D02.033.375.291.375 Ethanolamine .
D02.033.415 Fatty Alcohols .
D02.033.415.110 Butanols .
D02.033.415.110.220 Chlorobutanol .
D02.033.755 Propanols .
D02.033.755.615 2-Propanol .
D02.092 Amines .
D02.092.063 Amino Alcohols .
D02.092.063.291 Ethanolamines .
D02. Ethanolamine .
D02.092.877 Quaternary Ammonium Compounds .
D02.092.877.096 Benzylammonium Compounds .
D02.092.877.096.082 Benzethonium .
D02.455 Hydrocarbons .
D02.455.326 Hydrocarbons, Acyclic .
D02.455.326.146 Alkanes .
D02.455.326.146.100 Alkanesulfonic Acids .
D02.455.326.146.100.850 Taurine .
D02.455.326.146.100.850.875 Taurocholic Acid .
D02.455.426 Hydrocarbons, Cyclic .
D02.455.426.559 Hydrocarbons, Aromatic .
D02.455.426.559.389 Benzene Derivatives .
D02.455.426.559.389.140 Benzyl Compounds .
D02.455.426.559.389.140.200 Benzyl Alcohols .
D02.455.426.559.389.140.200.100 Benzyl Alcohol .
D02.455.526 Hydrocarbons, Halogenated .
D02.455.526.439 Hydrocarbons, Chlorinated .
D02.455.526.439.642 Methylene Chloride .
D02.455.612 Paraffin .
D02.675 Onium Compounds .
D02.675.276 Quaternary Ammonium Compounds .
D02.675.276.090 Benzethonium .
D02.886 Sulfur Compounds .
D02.886.645 Sulfur Acids .
D02.886.645.600 Sulfonic Acids .
D02.886.645.600.055 Alkanesulfonic Acids .
D02.886.645.600.055.850 Taurine .
D02.886.645.600.055.850.800 Taurocholic Acid .
D04 Polycyclic Compounds .
D04.210 Fused-Ring Compounds .
D04.210.500 Steroids .
D04.210.500.105 Bile Acids and Salts .
D04.210.500.105.225 Cholic Acids .
D04.210.500.105.225.900 Taurocholic Acid .
D04.210.500.221 Cholanes .
D04.210.500.221.430 Cholic Acids .
D04.210.500.221.430.873 Taurocholic Acid .
D10 Lipids .
D10.289 Fatty Alcohols .
D10.289.110 Butanols .
D10.289.110.220 Chlorobutanol .
HP7 Homeopathic Pharmacy .
HP7.029 Homeopathic Pharmacotechniques .
HP7.029.152 Homeopathic Vehicles .
HP7.029.152.238 Hydroalcoholic Solution .
HP7. Ethanol .
SP4 Environmental Health .
SP4.011 Science .
SP4.011.097 Chemistry .
SP4.011.097.036 Organic Chemicals .
SP4. Alcohols .
SP4. Ethanol .
VS2 Health Surveillance of Products .
VS2.004 Control and Sanitary Supervision of Sanitizing Products .
VS2.004.001 Sanitizing Products .
VS2.004.001.002 Products with Antimicrobial Action .
VS2. Ethanol .
 Synonyms & Historicals
Ethanol .
Absolute Alcohol .
Grain Alcohol .
Alcohol, Absolute .
Alcohol, Grain .
Ethyl Alcohol .
Alcohol, Ethyl .
A clear, colorless liquid rapidly absorbed from the gastrointestinal tract and distributed throughout the body. It has bactericidal activity and is used often as a topical disinfectant. It is widely used as a solvent and preservative in pharmaceutical preparations as well as serving as the primary ingredient in ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES. .
2-Propanol .
Rubbing Alcohol .
2 Propanol .
Alcohol, Isopropyl .
Alcohol, Rubbing .
Isopropanol .
Isopropyl Alcohol .
An isomer of 1-PROPANOL. It is a colorless liquid having disinfectant properties. It is used in the manufacture of acetone and its derivatives and as a solvent. Topically, it is used as an antiseptic. .
Benzethonium .
Bencetonium Chloride .
Benzethonium Chloride .
Formula Magic .
Hyamine 1622 .
Orchid Fresh II .
Phemeride .
Phemerol .
Phemethryn .
Puri-Clens .
Quatrachlor .
Solamin .
Chloride, Bencetonium .
Chloride, Benzethonium .
Magic, Formula .
Puri Clens .
PuriClens .
Bactericidal cationic quaternary ammonium surfactant used as a topical anti-infective agent. It is an ingredient in medicaments, deodorants, mouthwashes, etc., and is used to disinfect apparatus, etc., in the food processing and pharmaceutical industries, in surgery, and also as a preservative. The compound is toxic orally as a result of neuromuscular blockade. .
Benzyl Alcohol .
Benzenemethanol .
Alcohol, Benzyl .
A colorless liquid with a sharp burning taste and slight odor. It is used as a local anesthetic and to reduce pain associated with LIDOCAINE injection. Also, it is used in the manufacture of other benzyl compounds, as a pharmaceutic aid, and in perfumery and flavoring. .
Paraffin .
Parafilm .
A mixture of solid hydrocarbons obtained from petroleum. It has a wide range of uses including as a stiffening agent in ointments, as a lubricant, and as a topical anti-inflammatory. It is also commonly used as an embedding material in histology. .
Chlorobutanol .
Chloretone .
Chlorobutanol, Anhydrous .
Anhydrous Chlorobutanol .
Acetonchloroform .
Chlorbutol .
Trichlorbutanol .
A colorless to white crystalline compound with a camphoraceous odor and taste. It is a widely used preservative in various pharmaceutical solutions, especially injectables. Also, it is an active ingredient in certain oral sedatives and topical anesthetics. .
Taurocholic Acid .
Sodium Taurocholate .
Taurocholate Sodium .
Taurocholic Acid, (5 alpha)-Isomer .
Taurocholic Acid, (7 beta)-Isomer .
Taurocholic Acid, Monolithium Salt .
Taurocholic Acid, Monosodium Salt .
Taurocholate, Sodium .
Cholyltaurine .
Taurine Cholate .
Taurocholate .
The product of conjugation of cholic acid with taurine. Its sodium salt is the chief ingredient of the bile of carnivorous animals. It acts as a detergent to solubilize fats for absorption and is itself absorbed. It is used as a cholagogue and cholerectic. .
Ethanolamine .
Colamine .
Monoethanolamine .
2 Aminoethanol .
2-Aminoethanol .
A viscous, hygroscopic amino alcohol with an ammoniacal odor. It is widely distributed in biological tissue and is a component of lecithin. It is used as a surfactant, fluorimetric reagent, and to remove CO2 and H2S from natural gas and other gases. .
Carbon Disulfide .
Disulfide, Carbon .
A colorless, flammable, poisonous liquid, CS2. It is used as a solvent, and is a counterirritant and has local anesthetic properties but is not used as such. It is highly toxic with pronounced CNS, hematologic, and dermatologic effects. .
Methylene Chloride .
Solaesthin .
Bichloride, Methylene .
Chloride, Methylene .
Dichloride, Methylene .
Dichloromethane .
Methylene Bichloride .
Methylene Dichloride .
A chlorinated hydrocarbon that has been used as an inhalation anesthetic and acts as a narcotic in high concentrations. Its primary use is as a solvent in manufacturing and food technology. .