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 DeCS Categories

E06 Dentistry .
E06.170 Dental Care .
H01 Natural Science Disciplines .
H01.277 Earth Sciences .
H01.277.500 Geography .
H01.277.500.097 Geography, Medical .
H02 Health Occupations .
H02.403 Medicine .
H02.403.352 Geography, Medical .
N02 Health Care Facilities, Manpower, and Services .
N02.421 Health Services .
N02.421.240 Dental Health Services .
N02.421.240.190 Dental Care .
N03 Health Care Economics and Organizations .
N03.349 Health Planning .
N03.349.550 National Health Programs .
N03.349.550.902 State Medicine .
N03.349.650 Regional Health Planning .
N03.349.650.340 Medically Underserved Area .
N03.858 State Medicine .
N05 Health Care Quality, Access, and Evaluation .
N05.300 Delivery of Health Care .
N05.300.450 Health Services Needs and Demand .
N05.300.450.520 Medically Underserved Area .
N06 Environment and Public Health .
N06.230 Environment .
N06.230.132 Energy-Generating Resources .
N06.230.132.644 Renewable Energy .
N06.230.132.644.186 Geothermal Energy .
SP1 Health Policy, Planning and Management .
SP1.011 Health Administration .
SP1.011.102 Health Services Administration .
SP1.011.102.113 Structure of Services .
SP1. Health Infrastructure .
SP1.011.112 Health Management .
SP1.011.112.118 Resources Management .
SP4 Environmental Health .
SP4.011 Science .
SP4.011.082 Energy .
SP4.011.082.658 Geothermal Energy .
SP6 Nutrition, Public Health .
SP6.001 Nutritional Requirements .
SP6.001.007 Energy Requirement .
SP6.051 Nutrition Programs and Policies .
SP6.051.207 Food Planning .
 Synonyms & Historicals
Medically Underserved Area .
Area, Medically Underserved .
Health Service Corps, National .
Area, Physician Shortage .
Areas, Medically Underserved .
Areas, Physician Shortage .
Medically Underserved Areas .
Physician Shortage Areas .
Shortage Area, Physician .
Shortage Areas, Physician .
Underserved Area, Medically .
Underserved Areas, Medically .
Physician Shortage Area .
National Health Service Corps .
A geographic location which has insufficient health resources (manpower and/or facilities) to meet the medical needs of the resident population. .
Health Infrastructure .
Organized network of peripheral units able to provide some basic health care with the resources available at the place and to meet the most urgent health needs of the population. .
State Medicine .
British Health Service, National .
British National Health Service .
Medicine, Socialized .
Medicine, State .
Service, British National Health .
National Health Service, British .
Socialized Medicine .
A system of medical care regulated, controlled and financed by the government, in which the government assumes responsibility for the health needs of the population. .
Geography, Medical .
Geomedicine .
Nosogeography .
Medical Geography .
The area of medicine concerned with the effects on health and disease due to geographic factors such as CLIMATE, environmental conditions, and geographic location. .
/manpower .
/employees .
/human resources .
/personnel .
/workers .
/workforce .
Used with disciplines and programs for the demand, supply, distribution, recruitment, and use of personnel. .
Energy Requirement .
Energy considered sufficient to meet the energy needs of the average healthy people in a particular group. .
Resources Management .
Resource Management .
Geographic Distribution of Resources .
Activity related to the use of human, physical and material available resources to the formulation, implementation and evaluation of policy, programs, projects or health services. .
Geothermal Energy .
Energy, Geothermal .
Geothermal Resources .
Geothermic Resources .
Thermal energy contained in the earth. It can be used directly to supply heat or converted to mechanical or electrical energy. (from McGraw-Hill Dictionary of Scientific and Technical Terms, 6th ed) .
Food Planning .
Establishment of goals that guide the creation of conditions which meet the nutritional needs of a population. .
Dental Care .
Care, Dental .
The total of dental diagnostic, preventive, and restorative services provided to meet the needs of a patient (from Illustrated Dictionary of Dentistry, 1982). .