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 DeCS Categories

H02 Health Occupations .
H02.403 Medicine .
H02.403.230 Disaster Medicine .
H02.478 Nursing .
H02.478.676 Specialties, Nursing .
H02.478.676.150 Community Health Nursing .
H02.478.676.150.750 Parish Nursing .
I01 Social Sciences .
I01.409 Government .
I01.409.418 Government Agencies .
I01.409.418.750 United States Government Agencies .
I01.409.418.750.600 United States Dept. of Health and Human Services .
I01.409.418.750.600.650 United States Public Health Service .
I01.409.418.750.600.650.200 Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (U.S.) .
I01.409.418.750.600.650.200.260 National Center for Health Statistics (U.S.) .
I01.409.418.750.600.650.496 National Institutes of Health (U.S.) .
I01.409.418.750.600.650.496.435 National Institute of Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering (U.S.) .
M01 Persons .
M01.526 Occupational Groups .
M01.526.485 Health Personnel .
M01.526.485.650 Nurses .
M01.526.485.650.835 Nurses, Public Health .
N02 Health Care Facilities, Manpower, and Services .
N02.360 Health Personnel .
N02.360.650 Nurses .
N02.360.650.835 Nurses, Public Health .
N02.421 Health Services .
N02.421.143 Community Health Services .
N02.421.143.150 Community Health Nursing .
N02.421.143.150.750 Parish Nursing .
N03 Health Care Economics and Organizations .
N03.349 Health Planning .
N03.349.380 Health Services Research .
N03.349.380.420 Health Services Needs and Demand .
N03.540 Organizations .
N03.540.052 Academies and Institutes .
N03.540.052.750 National Institutes of Health (U.S.) .
N03.540.052.750.435 National Institute of Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering (U.S.) .
N03.540.348 Government .
N03.540.348.500 Federal Government .
N03.540.348.500.500 United States Government Agencies .
N03.540.348.500.500.600 United States Dept. of Health and Human Services .
N03.540.348.500.500.600.650 United States Public Health Service .
N03.540.348.500.500.600.650.225 Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (U.S.) .
N03.540.348.500.500.600.650.225.260 National Center for Health Statistics (U.S.) .
N03.540.348.500.500.600.650.496 National Institutes of Health (U.S.) .
N03.540.348.500.500.600.650.496.435 National Institute of Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering (U.S.) .
N03.540.514 International Agencies .
N03.540.514.718 United Nations .
N03.540.514.718.800 World Health Organization .
N03.540.514.718.800.628 Pan American Health Organization .
N05 Health Care Quality, Access, and Evaluation .
N05.300 Delivery of Health Care .
N05.300.450 Health Services Needs and Demand .
SH1 Health Sciences, Technology and Innovation Management .
SH1.010 Policies and Cooperation in Science, Technology and Innovation .
SH1.010.020 International Cooperation .
SH1.010.020.030 Regional Agencies .
SH1. Pan American Health Organization .
SP1 Health Policy, Planning and Management .
SP1.006 Health Planning .
SP1.006.072 Health Services Needs and Demand .
SP1.011 Health Administration .
SP1.011.102 Health Services Administration .
SP1.011.102.113 Structure of Services .
SP1. Health Infrastructure .
SP1.021 Organizations .
SP1.021.137 International Agencies .
SP1.021.137.168 United Nations .
SP1. World Health Organization .
SP1. Pan American Health Organization .
SP2 Health Care (Public Health) .
SP2.006 Health of Specific Groups .
SP2.006.077 Travelers' Health .
SP8 Disasters .
SP8.946 Disaster Management .
SP8.946.117 Emergency Watch .
SP8.946.117.190 Disaster Medicine .
 Synonyms & Historicals
Parish Nursing .
Church Nursing .
Faith Community Nursing .
Nursing, Church .
Nursing, Faith Community .
Nursing, Parish .
A nursing specialty involving programs designed to bring wholeness and healing to a particular faith community through addressing the health needs of body, mind, and spirit. They are coordinated by registered NURSES and may involve HEALTH EDUCATION and counseling, facilitation, referral, PATIENT ADVOCACY, and health care plan interpretation, as influenced and defined by the unique needs of the congregation. .
Nurses, Public Health .
Nurse, Public Health .
Public Health Nurse .
Public Health Nurses .
Nurses whose goal is to improve health and quality of life in a population or community through the prevention and treatment of disease and other physical and mental health conditions, the surveillance of cases and health indicators, and the promotion of healthy behaviors through public education and awareness. .
Travelers' Health .
Health of Travelers .
Travellers' Health .
Health of Travellers .
Travellers Health .
Travelers Health .
It refers to the prevention and/or reduction of adverse consequences to traveler's health. Health risks depend on the traveler's destination, duration and purpose of the trip, the hygiene standards of accommodation and food, and of individual behavior. (WHO) .
National Center for Health Statistics (U.S.) .
National Center for Health Statistics .
United States National Center for Health Statistics .
A center in the CENTERS FOR DISEASE CONTROL AND PREVENTION. It is primarily concerned with the collection, analysis, and dissemination of health statistics on vital events and health activities to reflect the health status of people, health needs, and health resources. .
Health Services Needs and Demand .
Health Services Needs .
Needs .
Needs and Demand, Health Services .
Target Population .
Health Services Need .
Need, Health Services .
Needs, Health Services .
Population, Target .
Populations, Target .
Target Populations .
Basic Needs .
Health services required by a population or community as well as the health services that the population or community is able and willing to pay for. .
Disaster Medicine .
Medicine, Disaster .
Branch of medicine involved with management and organization of public health response to disasters and major events including the special health and medical needs of a community in a disaster. .
Pan American Health Organization .
AMRO 7802 .
PAHO 7802 .
Americas Regional Office of WHO .
WHO Regional Office for the Americas .
WHO regional office for the Americas acting as a coordinating agency for the improvement of health conditions in the hemisphere. The four main functions are: control or eradication of communicable diseases, strengthening of national and local health services, education and training, and research. .
National Institute of Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering (U.S.) .
National Institute of Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering .
Component of the NATIONAL INSTITUTES OF HEALTH. Its mission is to improve health by leading the development and accelerating the application of biomedical technologies, and integrating the physical and engineering sciences with the life sciences to advance basic research and medical care. It was established in 2000. .
Health Infrastructure .
Organized network of peripheral units able to provide some basic health care with the resources available at the place and to meet the most urgent health needs of the population. .