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 DeCS Categories

B03 Bacteria .
B03.510 Gram-Positive Bacteria .
B03.510.024 Actinobacteria .
B03.510.024.100 Bifidobacterium .
B03.510.024.100.500 Bifidobacterium longum .
B03.510.024.100.500.500 Bifidobacterium longum subspecies infantis .
B03.510.460 Gram-Positive Rods .
B03.510.460.400 Gram-Positive Asporogenous Rods .
B03.510.460.400.400 Gram-Positive Asporogenous Rods, Irregular .
B03.510.460.400.400.049 Actinobacteria .
B03.510.460.400.400.049.100 Bifidobacterium .
B03.510.460.400.400.049.100.500 Bifidobacterium longum .
B03.510.460.400.400.049.100.500.500 Bifidobacterium longum subspecies infantis .
D01 Inorganic Chemicals .
D01.103 Barium Compounds .
D01.103.075 Barium Sulfate .
D01.875 Sulfur Compounds .
D01.875.800 Sulfur Acids .
D01.875.800.800 Sulfuric Acids .
D01.875.800.800.850 Sulfates .
D01.875.800.800.850.075 Barium Sulfate .
D02 Organic Chemicals .
D02.033 Alcohols .
D02.033.160 Benzyl Alcohols .
D02.033.160.100 Benzyl Alcohol .
D02.033.755 Propanols .
D02.033.755.615 2-Propanol .
D02.033.800 Sugar Alcohols .
D02.033.800.813 Sorbitol .
D02.092 Amines .
D02.092.877 Quaternary Ammonium Compounds .
D02.092.877.096 Benzylammonium Compounds .
D02.092.877.096.082 Benzethonium .
D02.241 Carboxylic Acids .
D02.241.081 Acids, Acyclic .
D02.241.081.251 Carbamates .
D02. Urethane .
D02.241.223 Acids, Carbocyclic .
D02.241.223.100 Benzoates .
D02. Benzoic Acid .
D02. Sodium Benzoate .
D02. Benzoyl Peroxide .
D02.455 Hydrocarbons .
D02.455.426 Hydrocarbons, Cyclic .
D02.455.426.559 Hydrocarbons, Aromatic .
D02.455.426.559.389 Benzene Derivatives .
D02.455.426.559.389.127 Benzoates .
D02.455.426.559.389.127.117 Benzoic Acid .
D02.455.426.559.389.127.117.500 Sodium Benzoate .
D02.455.426.559.389.127.133 Benzoyl Peroxide .
D02.455.426.559.389.140 Benzyl Compounds .
D02.455.426.559.389.140.200 Benzyl Alcohols .
D02.455.426.559.389.140.200.100 Benzyl Alcohol .
D02.675 Onium Compounds .
D02.675.276 Quaternary Ammonium Compounds .
D02.675.276.090 Benzethonium .
D09 Carbohydrates .
D09.853 Sugar Alcohols .
D09.853.813 Sorbitol .
D25 Biomedical and Dental Materials .
D25.720 Polymers .
D25.720.099 Biopolymers .
D25.720.099.500 Cellulose .
D25.720.099.500.439 Collodion .
J01 Technology, Industry, and Agriculture .
J01.637 Manufactured Materials .
J01.637.051 Biomedical and Dental Materials .
J01.637.051.720 Polymers .
J01.637.051.720.099 Biopolymers .
J01.637.051.720.099.500 Cellulose .
J01.637.051.720.099.500.439 Collodion .
 Synonyms & Historicals
Sorbitol .
Medevac .
Sorbilax .
Yal 9902 .
klysma Sorbit .
Glucitol .
A polyhydric alcohol with about half the sweetness of sucrose. Sorbitol occurs naturally and is also produced synthetically from glucose. It was formerly used as a diuretic and may still be used as a laxative and in irrigating solutions for some surgical procedures. It is also used in many manufacturing processes, as a pharmaceutical aid, and in several research applications. .
Barium Sulfate .
Barite .
Baritop .
Barium Sulfate (2:1) .
Micropaque Oral .
Sulfate, Barium .
A compound used as an x-ray contrast medium that occurs in nature as the mineral barite. It is also used in various manufacturing applications and mixed into heavy concrete to serve as a radiation shield. .
Benzyl Alcohol .
Benzenemethanol .
Alcohol, Benzyl .
A colorless liquid with a sharp burning taste and slight odor. It is used as a local anesthetic and to reduce pain associated with LIDOCAINE injection. Also, it is used in the manufacture of other benzyl compounds, as a pharmaceutic aid, and in perfumery and flavoring. .
2-Propanol .
Rubbing Alcohol .
2 Propanol .
Alcohol, Isopropyl .
Alcohol, Rubbing .
Isopropanol .
Isopropyl Alcohol .
An isomer of 1-PROPANOL. It is a colorless liquid having disinfectant properties. It is used in the manufacture of acetone and its derivatives and as a solvent. Topically, it is used as an antiseptic. .
Sodium Benzoate .
Benzoate, Sodium .
The sodium salt of BENZOIC ACID. It is used as an antifungal preservative in pharmaceutical preparations and foods. It may also be used as a test for liver function. .
Urethane .
Urethan .
Carbamate, Ethyl .
Ethyl Carbamate .
Antineoplastic agent that is also used as a veterinary anesthetic. It has also been used as an intermediate in organic synthesis. Urethane is suspected to be a carcinogen. .
Collodion .
Celloidin .
Cellulose Nitrate .
Collodion Cotton .
Pyroxylin .
Cotton, Collodion .
Nitrate, Cellulose .
Nitrocellulose .
A nitrocellulose solution in ether and alcohol. Collodion has a wide range of uses in industry including applications in the manufacture of photographic film, in fibers, in lacquers, and in engraving and lithography. In medicine it is used as a drug solvent and a wound sealant. .
Benzethonium .
Bencetonium Chloride .
Benzethonium Chloride .
Formula Magic .
Hyamine 1622 .
Orchid Fresh II .
Phemeride .
Phemerol .
Phemethryn .
Puri-Clens .
Quatrachlor .
Solamin .
Chloride, Bencetonium .
Chloride, Benzethonium .
Magic, Formula .
Puri Clens .
PuriClens .
Bactericidal cationic quaternary ammonium surfactant used as a topical anti-infective agent. It is an ingredient in medicaments, deodorants, mouthwashes, etc., and is used to disinfect apparatus, etc., in the food processing and pharmaceutical industries, in surgery, and also as a preservative. The compound is toxic orally as a result of neuromuscular blockade. .
Bifidobacterium longum subspecies infantis .
Bifidobacterium infantis .
Bifidobacterium longum ssp. infantis .
A subspecies of Bifidobacterium longum that occurs in the GASTROINTESTINAL TRACT of human infants and is used as a PROBIOTIC. It may also be used in the treatment of IRRITABLE BOWEL SYNDROME. .
Benzoyl Peroxide .
Dibenzoyl Peroxide .
Diphenylglyoxal Superoxide .
PanOxyl .
Peroxide, Benzoyl .
Peroxide, Dibenzoyl .
Superoxide, Benzoyl .
Superoxide, Diphenylglyoxal .
Benzoyl Superoxide .
A peroxide derivative that has been used topically for BURNS and as a dermatologic agent in the treatment of ACNE and POISON IVY DERMATITIS. It is used also as a bleach in the food industry. .