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 DeCS Categories

L01 Information Science .
L01.178 Communications Media .
L01.178.682 Publications .
L01.178.682.389 Academic Dissertations as Topic .
SH1 Health Sciences, Technology and Innovation Management .
SH1.040 Scientific Communication and Diffusion .
SH1.040.020 Scientific and Technical Publications .
SH1.040.020.030 Academic Dissertations as Topic .
V02 Publication Formats .
V02.050 Academic Dissertations .
V02.070 Addresses .
V02.070.750 Sermons .
V02.320 Duplicate Publication .
V02.600 Journal Article .
V02.600.500 Review .
V02.912 Review .
 Synonyms & Historicals
Academic Dissertations .
Theses .
Theses [Publication Type] .
Academic Dissertations [Publication Type] .
Works consisting of formal presentations made usually to fulfill requirements for an academic degree. .
Academic Dissertations as Topic .
Dissertation, Academic as Topic .
Theses as Topics .
Dissertations, Academic as Topic .
Theses as Topic .
Dissertations, Academic .
Works about substantial papers written by candidates for an academic degree under the individual direction of a professor or papers written by undergraduates desirous of achieving honors or distinction. .
Review .
Review Literature .
Review of Reported Cases .
Review, Academic .
Review, Multicase .
Review, Systematic .
Review, Academic .
Review, Multicase .
Review, Systematic .
Review, Tutorial .
Review of Reported Cases .
Review Literature .
Review [Publication Type] .
Review of Reported Cases [Publication Type] .
Review, Multicase [Publication Type] .
Review, Tutorial [Publication Type] .
Review Literature [Publication Type] .
Literature Review [Publication Type] .
Review, Academic [Publication Type] .
Review, Systematic [Publication Type] .
An article or book published after examination of published material on a subject. It may be comprehensive to various degrees and the time range of material scrutinized may be broad or narrow, but the reviews most often desired are reviews of the current literature. The textual material examined may be equally broad and can encompass, in medicine specifically, clinical material as well as experimental research or case reports. State-of-the-art reviews tend to address more current matters. A review of the literature must be differentiated from HISTORICAL ARTICLE on the same subject, but a review of historical literature is also within the scope of this publication type. .
Duplicate Publication .
Duplicate Publication [Publication Type] .
Work consisting of an article or book of identical or nearly identical material published simultaneously or successively to material previously published elsewhere, without acknowledgment of the prior publication. .
Sermons .
Sermons [Publication Type] .
Works consisting of discourses for the purpose of religious instruction or exhortation, especially one based on a text of Scripture and delivered by a member of the clergy, as part of a religious service. (From: Random House Unabridged Dictionary, 2d ed) .
Publication Formats .
Publication Formats [Publication Type] .
Specific genre of publication. .