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 DeCS Categories

N02 Health Care Facilities, Manpower, and Services .
N02.278 Health Facilities .
N02.278.216 Health Facility Administration .
N02.278.216.500 Hospital Administration .
N02.278.216.500.968 Hospital Departments .
N02.278.216.500.968.040 Admitting Department, Hospital .
N04 Health Services Administration .
N04.452 Organization and Administration .
N04.452.442 Hospital Administration .
N04.452.442.422 Hospital Departments .
N04.452.442.422.040 Admitting Department, Hospital .
 Synonyms & Historicals
Admitting Department, Hospital .
Admitting Department .
Admissions Office, Hospital .
Admissions Offices, Hospital .
Admitting Departments .
Admitting Departments, Hospital .
Department, Admitting .
Department, Hospital Admitting .
Departments, Admitting .
Departments, Hospital Admitting .
Hospital Admissions Offices .
Hospital Admitting Departments .
Office, Hospital Admissions .
Offices, Hospital Admissions .
Hospital Admissions Office .
Hospital Admitting Department .
Hospital department responsible for the flow of patients and the processing of admissions, discharges, transfers, and also most procedures to be carried out in the event of a patient's death. .