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 DeCS Categories

B01 Eukaryota .
B01.050 Animals .
B04 Viruses .
C02 Virus Diseases .
C02.407 Hepatitis, Viral, Animal .
C06 Digestive System Diseases .
C06.552 Liver Diseases .
C06.552.380 Hepatitis .
C06.552.380.315 Hepatitis, Animal .
C06.552.380.315.430 Hepatitis, Viral, Animal .
C22 Animal Diseases .
C22.467 Hepatitis, Animal .
C22.467.435 Hepatitis, Viral, Animal .
SP4 Environmental Health .
SP4.011 Science .
SP4.011.107 Microbiology .
SP4.011.107.263 Virology .
SP4. Viruses .
 Synonyms & Historicals
Viruses .
Animal Virus .
Virus .
Virus, Animal .
Viruses, Animal .
Animal Viruses .
Vertebrate Viruses .
Zoophaginae .
Minute infectious agents whose genomes are composed of DNA or RNA, but not both. They are characterized by a lack of independent metabolism and the inability to replicate outside living host cells. .
Animals .
Animalia .
Animal .
Metazoa .
Unicellular or multicellular, heterotrophic organisms, that have sensation and the power of voluntary movement. Under the older five kingdom paradigm, Animalia was one of the kingdoms. Under the modern three domain model, Animalia represents one of the many groups in the domain EUKARYOTA. .
Hepatitis, Viral, Animal .
Viral Hepatitis, Animal .
Animal Viral Hepatitides .
Animal Viral Hepatitis .
Viral Hepatitides, Animal .
INFLAMMATION of the LIVER in animals due to viral infection. .