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 DeCS Categories

D06 Hormones, Hormone Substitutes, and Hormone Antagonists .
D06.347 Hormone Antagonists .
D06.347.065 Androgen Antagonists .
D06.347.065.500 Nonsteroidal Anti-Androgens .
D06.347.360 Estrogen Receptor Modulators .
D27 Chemical Actions and Uses .
D27.505 Pharmacologic Actions .
D27.505.696 Physiological Effects of Drugs .
D27.505.696.399 Hormones, Hormone Substitutes, and Hormone Antagonists .
D27.505.696.399.450 Hormone Antagonists .
D27.505.696.399.450.065 Androgen Antagonists .
D27.505.696.399.450.065.500 Nonsteroidal Anti-Androgens .
D27.505.696.399.450.360 Estrogen Receptor Modulators .
D27.505.696.399.472 Hormones .
D27.505.696.399.472.161 Androgens .
 Synonyms & Historicals
Androgen Antagonists .
Anti-Androgen Effect .
Anti-Androgen Effects .
Antiandrogen Effect .
Antiandrogen Effects .
Antagonists, Androgen .
Anti Androgen Effect .
Anti Androgen Effects .
Effect, Anti-Androgen .
Effect, Antiandrogen .
Effects, Anti-Androgen .
Effects, Antiandrogen .
Antiandrogens .
Compounds which inhibit or antagonize the biosynthesis or actions of androgens. .
Nonsteroidal Anti-Androgens .
AntiAndrogens, Nonsteroidal .
Nonsteroidal Antiandrogens .
Anti-Androgens, Nonsteroidal .
Nonsteroidal Anti Androgens .
Nonsteroidal agents which block the action or downregulate the synthesis of ANDROGENS. .
Androgens .
Androgen Effect .
Androgen Effects .
Androgen Receptor Agonists .
Androgenic Agents .
Androgenic Compounds .
Agents, Androgenic .
Agonists, Androgen Receptor .
Compounds, Androgenic .
Effect, Androgen .
Effects, Androgen .
Receptor Agonists, Androgen .
Compounds that interact with ANDROGEN RECEPTORS in target tissues to bring about the effects similar to those of TESTOSTERONE. Depending on the target tissues, androgenic effects can be on SEX DIFFERENTIATION; male reproductive organs, SPERMATOGENESIS; secondary male SEX CHARACTERISTICS; LIBIDO; development of muscle mass, strength, and power. .
Estrogen Receptor Modulators .
Antiestrogen .
Estrogen Receptor Modulator .
Modulator, Estrogen Receptor .
Modulators, Estrogen Receptor .
Receptor Modulator, Estrogen .
Receptor Modulators, Estrogen .
Antiestrogens .
Substances that possess antiestrogenic actions but can also produce estrogenic effects as well. They act as complete or partial agonist or as antagonist. They can be either steroidal or nonsteroidal in structure. .