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 DeCS Categories

C16 Congenital, Hereditary, and Neonatal Diseases and Abnormalities .
C16.320 Genetic Diseases, Inborn .
C16.320.850 Skin Diseases, Genetic .
C16.320.850.210 Dermatitis, Atopic .
C17 Skin and Connective Tissue Diseases .
C17.800 Skin Diseases .
C17.800.174 Dermatitis .
C17.800.174.193 Dermatitis, Atopic .
C17.800.174.255 Dermatitis, Contact .
C17.800.174.255.100 Dermatitis, Allergic Contact .
C17.800.815 Skin Diseases, Eczematous .
C17.800.815.193 Dermatitis, Atopic .
C17.800.815.255 Dermatitis, Contact .
C17.800.815.255.100 Dermatitis, Allergic Contact .
C17.800.827 Skin Diseases, Genetic .
C17.800.827.210 Dermatitis, Atopic .
C20 Immune System Diseases .
C20.543 Hypersensitivity .
C20.543.418 Hypersensitivity, Delayed .
C20.543.418.150 Dermatitis, Allergic Contact .
C20.543.480 Hypersensitivity, Immediate .
C20.543.480.343 Dermatitis, Atopic .
D23 Biological Factors .
D23.050 Antigens .
D23.050.181 Antigens, Dermatophagoides .
 Synonyms & Historicals
Antigens, Dermatophagoides .
Allergens, House Dust Mites .
Antigens, House Dust Mites .
Dermatophagoides Allergens .
Dermatophagoides farinae Allergens .
Dermatophagoides pteronyssinus Allergens .
Norisen .
Pharmalgen .
Allergens, Dermatophagoides .
Allergens, Dermatophagoides farinae .
Allergens, Dermatophagoides pteronyssinus .
Dermatophagoides Antigens .
Dermatophagoides farinae Antigens .
Dermatophagoides pteronyssinus Antigens .
Antigens, Dermatophagoides farinae .
Antigens, Dermatophagoides pteronyssinus .
Antigens from the house dust mites (DERMATOPHAGOIDES), mainly D. farinae and D. pteronyssinus. They are proteins, found in mite feces or mite extracts, that can cause ASTHMA and other allergic diseases such as perennial rhinitis (RHINITIS, ALLERGIC, PERENNIAL) and atopic dermatitis (DERMATITIS, ATOPIC). More than 11 groups of Dermatophagoides ALLERGENS have been defined. Group I allergens, such as Der f I and Der p I from the above two species, are among the strongest mite immunogens in humans. .
Dermatitis, Atopic .
Atopic Dermatitides .
Atopic Dermatitis .
Atopic Eczema .
Atopic Neurodermatitides .
Atopic Neurodermatitis .
Dermatitides, Atopic .
Disseminated Neurodermatitides .
Disseminated Neurodermatitis .
Infantile Eczema .
Neurodermatitides, Atopic .
Neurodermatitides, Disseminated .
Eczema, Atopic .
Neurodermatitis, Atopic .
Neurodermatitis, Disseminated .
Eczema, Infantile .
A chronic inflammatory genetically determined disease of the skin marked by increased ability to form reagin (IgE), with increased susceptibility to allergic rhinitis and asthma, and hereditary disposition to a lowered threshold for pruritus. It is manifested by lichenification, excoriation, and crusting, mainly on the flexural surfaces of the elbow and knee. In infants it is known as infantile eczema. .
Dermatitis, Allergic Contact .
Allergic Contact Dermatitides .
Allergic Eczematous Dermatitides .
Allergic Eczematous Dermatitis .
Contact Dermatitides, Allergic .
Contact Dermatitis, Allergic .
Dermatitides, Allergic Contact .
Dermatitides, Allergic Eczematous .
Eczematous Dermatitides, Allergic .
Eczematous Dermatitis, Allergic .
Allergic Contact Dermatitis .
Dermatitis, Allergic Eczematous .
Dermatitis, Contact, Allergic .
A contact dermatitis due to allergic sensitization to various substances. These substances subsequently produce inflammatory reactions in the skin of those who have acquired hypersensitivity to them as a result of prior exposure. .