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 DeCS Categories

D20 Complex Mixtures .
D20.215 Biological Products .
D20.215.113 Biological Control Agents .
E05 Investigative Techniques .
E05.235 Containment of Biohazards .
N06 Environment and Public Health .
N06.850 Public Health .
N06.850.135 Accidents .
N06.850.135.060 Accident Prevention .
N06.850.135.060.075 Safety .
N06.850. Containment of Biohazards .
SP4 Environmental Health .
SP4.011 Science .
SP4.011.087 Contamination .
SP4.011.087.708 Biological Contamination .
SP4.011.087.708.414 Containment of Biohazards .
VS2 Health Surveillance of Products .
VS2.002 Drug and Narcotic Control .
VS2.002.001 Pharmaceutical Preparations .
VS2.002.001.010 Biological Products .
 Synonyms & Historicals
Biological Contamination .
Containment of Biohazards .
Biohazard Containment .
Biological Containment .
Biosafety .
Containment, Biologic .
Physical Containment .
Biologic Containment .
Containment, Biohazard .
Containment, Biohazards .
Containment, Biological .
Containment, Physical .
Biohazards Containment .
Exposure to Biological Agents .
Biological Agents Exposure .
Risk of Biological Agents .
Physical and biological barriers against the spread of potentially hazardous biologically active agents such as bacteria, viruses, recombinant nucleotides, contaminated bio-specimens, etc. Typically involves the use of specialized equipment, facilities, procedures, professional personnel and established protocols. .
Contamination .
The presence of an infectious agent in the surface of the body, also in clothes, linen, toys, surgical instruments or bandages or other inanimate article or substances including water, milk and food. Contamination differs from pollution which implies the presence of noxious substances but not necessarily infectious, in the environment .
Biological Control Agents .
Biological Pesticides .
Biopesticides .
Control Agents, Biological .
Pesticides, Biological .
Organisms, biological agents, or biologically-derived agents used strategically for their positive or adverse effect on the physiology and/or reproductive health of other organisms. .
Biological Products .
Biologic Products .
Products, Biological .
Products, Biologic .
Products, Natural .
Biologics .
Natural Products .
Biologic .
Complex pharmaceutical substances, preparations, or matter derived from organisms usually obtained by biological methods or assay. .