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 DeCS Categories

V01 Publication Components .
V01.185 Book Illustrations .
V01.195 Bookplates .
V02 Publication Formats .
V02.050 Academic Dissertations .
V02.060 Account Books .
V02.180 Book Reviews .
V02.320 Duplicate Publication .
V02.460 Forms .
V02.675 Patents .
 Synonyms & Historicals
Bookplates .
Book Plates .
Bookplates [Publication Type] .
Works consisting of book owner's identification labels. They are usually intended for attaching inside a book or similar object. (From Thesaurus for Graphic Materials II: Genre and Physical Characteristic Terms, 1995) .
Account Books .
Account Books [Publication Type] .
Books in which personal or commercial accounts of financial transactions are recorded. (From Random House Unabridged Dictionary, 2d ed) .
Book Illustrations .
Book Illustrations [Publication Type] .
Works consisting of photographs, prints, drawings, portraits, plates, diagrams, facsimiles, maps, tables, or other representations or systematic arrangements of data designed to elucidate or decorate the contents of a publication. (From The ALA Glossary of Library and Information Science, 1983, p114) .
Book Reviews .
Book Reviews [Publication Type] .
Works consisting of critical analyses of books or other monographic works. .
Academic Dissertations .
Theses .
Theses [Publication Type] .
Academic Dissertations [Publication Type] .
Works consisting of formal presentations made usually to fulfill requirements for an academic degree. .
Publication Formats .
Publication Formats [Publication Type] .
Specific genre of publication. .
Patents .
Patents [Publication Type] .
Works consisting of documents granted by a government giving exclusive rights to an inventor or assignee to manufacture, use, or sell an invention for a certain number of years. .
Duplicate Publication .
Duplicate Publication [Publication Type] .
Work consisting of an article or book of identical or nearly identical material published simultaneously or successively to material previously published elsewhere, without acknowledgment of the prior publication. .
Forms .
Forms [Publication Type] .
Works consisting of or containing a substantial number of blank forms. .