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 DeCS Categories

D12 Amino Acids, Peptides, and Proteins .
D12.776 Proteins .
D12.776.157 Carrier Proteins .
D12.776.157.530 Membrane Transport Proteins .
D12.776.157.530.300 Fatty Acid Transport Proteins .
D12.776.157.530.300.500 CD36 Antigens .
D12.776.395 Glycoproteins .
D12.776.395.550 Membrane Glycoproteins .
D12.776.395.550.625 Platelet Membrane Glycoproteins .
D12.776.395.550.625.136 CD36 Antigens .
D12.776.503 Lectins .
D12.776.503.921 Sialic Acid Binding Immunoglobulin-like Lectins .
D12.776.503.921.400 Sialic Acid Binding Ig-like Lectin 3 .
D12.776.543 Membrane Proteins .
D12.776.543.550 Membrane Glycoproteins .
D12.776.543.550.625 Platelet Membrane Glycoproteins .
D12.776.543.550.625.136 CD36 Antigens .
D12.776.543.585 Membrane Transport Proteins .
D12.776.543.585.300 Fatty Acid Transport Proteins .
D12.776.543.585.300.500 CD36 Antigens .
D12.776.543.750 Receptors, Cell Surface .
D12.776.543.750.011 CD36 Antigens .
D12.776.543.750.705 Receptors, Immunologic .
D12.776.543.750.705.675 Platelet Membrane Glycoproteins .
D12.776.543.750.705.675.136 CD36 Antigens .
D12.776.543.750.705.852 Receptors, Cytokine .
D12.776.543.750.705.852.760 Receptors, Tumor Necrosis Factor .
D12.776.543.750.705.852.760.072 Ki-1 Antigen .
D12.776.543.750.705.871 Receptors, Fc .
D12.776.543.750.705.871.300 Receptors, IgG .
D12.776.543.750.705.940 Receptors, Scavenger .
D12.776.543.750.705.940.625 Scavenger Receptors, Class B .
D12.776.543.750.705.940.625.249 CD36 Antigens .
D12.776.543.750.710 Receptors, Lipoprotein .
D12.776.543.750.710.450 Receptors, LDL .
D12.776.543.750.710.450.750 Receptors, Scavenger .
D12.776.543.750.710.450.750.625 Scavenger Receptors, Class B .
D12.776.543.750.710.450.750.625.249 CD36 Antigens .
D23 Biological Factors .
D23.050 Antigens .
D23.050.285 Antigens, Neoplasm .
D23.050.285.025 Ki-1 Antigen .
D23.050.301 Antigens, Surface .
D23.050.301.264 Antigens, Differentiation .
D23.050.301.264.894 Antigens, Differentiation, T-Lymphocyte .
D23.050.301.264.894.095 CD3 Complex .
D23.050.301.264.900 Antigens, Differentiation, Myelomonocytic .
D23.050.301.264.900.565 Sialic Acid Binding Ig-like Lectin 3 .
D23.101 Biomarkers .
D23.101.100 Antigens, Differentiation .
D23.101.100.894 Antigens, Differentiation, T-Lymphocyte .
D23.101.100.894.095 CD3 Complex .
D23.101.100.900 Antigens, Differentiation, Myelomonocytic .
D23.101.100.900.565 Sialic Acid Binding Ig-like Lectin 3 .
D23.101.140 Biomarkers, Tumor .
D23.101.140.055 Ki-1 Antigen .
 Synonyms & Historicals
Ki-1 Antigen .
Ber-H2 Antigen .
CD30 Antigen .
TNFRSF8 Receptor .
Antigen, Ber-H2 .
Antigen, CD30 .
Antigen, Ki-1 .
Antigens, Ber-H2 .
Antigens, Ki 1 .
Ber H2 Antigen .
Ber H2 Antigens .
Ki 1 Antigen .
Ki 1 Antigens .
Receptor, TNFRSF8 .
Antigens, CD30 .
Antigens, Ki-1 .
Ber-H2 Antigens .
CD30 Antigens .
Ki-1 Antigens .
Tumor Necrosis Factor Receptor Superfamily, Member 8 .
A member of the tumor necrosis factor receptor superfamily that may play a role in the regulation of NF-KAPPA B and APOPTOSIS. It is found on activated T-LYMPHOCYTES; B-LYMPHOCYTES; NEUTROPHILS; EOSINOPHILS; MAST CELLS and NK CELLS. Overexpression of the Ki-1 antigen in hematopoietic malignancies make it clinically useful as a biological tumor marker. Signaling of the receptor occurs through its association with TNF RECEPTOR-ASSOCIATED FACTORS. .
CD3 Complex .
CD3 Antigen .
T3 Antigen .
T3 Complex .
Antigen, CD3 .
Antigen, T3 .
Antigens, T3 .
CD3 Antigens .
Antigens, CD3 .
T3 Antigens .
Complex of at least five membrane-bound polypeptides in mature T-lymphocytes that are non-covalently associated with one another and with the T-cell receptor (RECEPTORS, ANTIGEN, T-CELL). The CD3 complex includes the gamma, delta, epsilon, zeta, and eta chains (subunits). When antigen binds to the T-cell receptor, the CD3 complex transduces the activating signals to the cytoplasm of the T-cell. The CD3 gamma and delta chains (subunits) are separate from and not related to the gamma/delta chains of the T-cell receptor (RECEPTORS, ANTIGEN, T-CELL, GAMMA-DELTA). .
Sialic Acid Binding Ig-like Lectin 3 .
Antigens, CD33 .
CD33 Antigen .
CD33 Antigens .
Glycoprotein gp67 .
Siglec-3 .
Antigen, CD33 .
Sialic Acid Binding Ig like Lectin 3 .
gp67, Glycoprotein .
A 67-kDa sialic acid binding lectin that is specific for MYELOID CELLS and MONOCYTE-MACROPHAGE PRECURSOR CELLS. This protein is the smallest siglec subtype and contains a single immunoglobulin C2-set domain. It may play a role in intracellular signaling via its interaction with SHP-1 PROTEIN-TYROSINE PHOSPHATASE and SHP-2 PROTEIN-TYROSINE PHOSPHATASE. .
Receptors, IgG .
CD 16 Antigens .
CD 32 Antigens .
CD 64 Antigens .
CDw32 Antigens .
Fc gamma RI .
Fc gamma RII .
Fc gamma RIII .
Immunoglobulin G Receptor .
Leu-11 Antigens .
Antigens, CD 16 .
Antigens, CD 32 .
Antigens, CD 64 .
Antigens, CDw32 .
Antigens, Leu-11 .
Leu 11 Antigens .
Receptor, Immunoglobulin G .
Receptors, gamma Fc .
gamma RI, Fc .
gamma RII, Fc .
gamma RIII, Fc .
gamma Receptors, Fc .
gamma Fc Receptors .
Antigens, CD16 .
Antigens, CD32 .
Antigens, CD64 .
CD16 Antigens .
CD32 Antigens .
CD64 Antigens .
Fc gamma Receptors .
Fc Receptors, gamma .
IgG Receptors .
Receptors, Fc gamma .
Specific molecular sites on the surface of various cells, including B-lymphocytes and macrophages, that combine with IMMUNOGLOBULIN Gs. Three subclasses exist: Fc gamma RI (the CD64 antigen, a low affinity receptor), Fc gamma RII (the CD32 antigen, a high affinity receptor), and Fc gamma RIII (the CD16 antigen, a low affinity receptor). .
CD36 Antigens .
Adipocyte Membrane Protein p88 .
CD36 Antigen .
CD36 Antigen (Collagen Type I Receptor, Thrombospondin Receptor) .
CD36 Fatty Acid Transporter .
CD36 Protein .
FAT (Fatty Acid Translocase) - CD36 Antigen .
GPIIIb Platelet Glycoprotein .
GPIV Platelet Glycoprotein .
Platelet Glycoprotein IIIb .
Platelet Membrane Glycoprotein IV .
SR-BI Protein .
SR-BI Receptor .
Thrombospondin Receptor .
Antigen, CD36 .
Antigen, OKM5 .
Glycoprotein IIIb, Platelet .
Glycoprotein IV, Platelet .
Platelet Glycoprotein, GPIIIb .
Platelet Glycoprotein, GPIV .
Receptor, SR-BI .
Receptor, Thrombospondin .
SR BI Protein .
SR BI Receptor .
Antigens, CD36 .
OKM5 Antigen .
Platelet Glycoprotein IV .
Platelet Membrane Glycoprotein IIIb .
Receptors, Thrombospondin .
Scavenger Receptors, Class B, Type I .
Thrombospondin Receptors .
Leukocyte differentiation antigens and major platelet membrane glycoproteins present on MONOCYTES; ENDOTHELIAL CELLS; PLATELETS; and mammary EPITHELIAL CELLS. They play major roles in CELL ADHESION; SIGNAL TRANSDUCTION; and regulation of angiogenesis. CD36 is a receptor for THROMBOSPONDINS and can act as a scavenger receptor that recognizes and transports oxidized LIPOPROTEINS and FATTY ACIDS. .