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 DeCS Categories

C04 Neoplasms .
C04.557 Neoplasms by Histologic Type .
C04.557.470 Neoplasms, Glandular and Epithelial .
C04.557.470.200 Carcinoma .
C04.557.470.200.025 Adenocarcinoma .
C04.557.470.200.025.215 Carcinoma, Acinar Cell .
C04.588 Neoplasms by Site .
C04.588.894 Thoracic Neoplasms .
C04.588.894.309 Heart Neoplasms .
C14 Cardiovascular Diseases .
C14.280 Heart Diseases .
C14.280.459 Heart Neoplasms .
 Synonyms & Historicals
Carcinoma .
Epithelial Tumors, Malignant .
Malignant Epithelial Neoplasms .
Neoplasms, Malignant Epithelial .
Anaplastic Carcinoma .
Anaplastic Carcinomas .
Carcinoma, Spindle Cell .
Carcinomas .
Carcinomatoses .
Epithelial Neoplasm, Malignant .
Epithelial Tumor, Malignant .
Epitheliomas .
Malignant Epithelial Neoplasm .
Malignant Epithelial Tumor .
Malignant Epithelial Tumors .
Neoplasm, Malignant Epithelial .
Spindle-Cell Carcinoma .
Spindle-Cell Carcinomas .
Tumor, Malignant Epithelial .
Undifferentiated Carcinoma .
Undifferentiated Carcinomas .
Epithelioma .
Carcinoma, Anaplastic .
Carcinoma, Spindle-Cell .
Carcinoma, Undifferentiated .
Carcinomatosis .
Epithelial Neoplasms, Malignant .
A malignant neoplasm made up of epithelial cells tending to infiltrate the surrounding tissues and give rise to metastases. It is a histological type of neoplasm and not a synonym for cancer. .
Heart Neoplasms .
Cardiac Cancer .
Cardiac Carcinoma .
Cardiac Neoplasms .
Cardiac Tumor .
Cardiac Tumors .
Heart Cancer .
Heart Tumor .
Intracavitary Tumors of the Heart .
Myocardial Tumors (Rhabdomyomas and Fibromas) .
Neoplasms, Cardiac .
Neoplasms, Heart .
Primary Cardiac Tumors, Childhood .
Cancer, Cardiac .
Cancer, Heart .
Cancers, Cardiac .
Cancers, Heart .
Carcinoma, Cardiac .
Carcinomas, Cardiac .
Cardiac Cancers .
Cardiac Carcinomas .
Cardiac Neoplasm .
Heart Cancers .
Heart Neoplasm .
Heart Tumors .
Myocardial Tumor (Rhabdomyomas and Fibromas) .
Neoplasm, Cardiac .
Neoplasm, Heart .
Tumor, Cardiac .
Tumor, Heart .
Tumor, Myocardial (Rhabdomyomas and Fibromas) .
Tumors, Cardiac .
Tumors, Heart .
Tumors, Myocardial (Rhabdomyomas and Fibromas) .
Tumors in any part of the heart. They include primary cardiac tumors and metastatic tumors to the heart. Their interference with normal cardiac functions can cause a wide variety of symptoms including HEART FAILURE; CARDIAC ARRHYTHMIAS; or EMBOLISM. .
Carcinoma, Acinar Cell .
Acinar Carcinoma .
Acinar Cell Adenocarcinoma .
Acinic Cell Adenocarcinoma .
Acinic Cell Carcinoma .
Acinic Cell Tumor .
Serous Acinar Adenoma .
Acinar Carcinomas .
Acinar Cell Adenocarcinomas .
Acinar Cell Carcinoma .
Acinar Cell Carcinomas .
Acinic Cell Adenocarcinomas .
Acinic Cell Carcinomas .
Acinic Cell Tumors .
Adenocarcinoma, Acinar Cell .
Adenocarcinoma, Acinic Cell .
Adenocarcinomas, Acinar Cell .
Adenocarcinomas, Acinic Cell .
Carcinoma, Acinar .
Carcinoma, Acinic Cell .
Carcinomas, Acinar .
Carcinomas, Acinar Cell .
Carcinomas, Acinic Cell .
Tumor, Acinic Cell .
Tumors, Acinic Cell .
A malignant tumor arising from secreting cells of a racemose gland, particularly the salivary glands. Racemose (Latin racemosus, full of clusters) refers, as does acinar (Latin acinus, grape), to small saclike dilatations in various glands. Acinar cell carcinomas are usually well differentiated and account for about 13% of the cancers arising in the parotid gland. Lymph node metastasis occurs in about 16% of cases. Local recurrences and distant metastases many years after treatment are common. This tumor appears in all age groups and is most common in women. (Stedman, 25th ed; Holland et al., Cancer Medicine, 3d ed, p1240; from DeVita Jr et al., Cancer: Principles & Practice of Oncology, 3d ed, p575) .