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 DeCS Categories

E02 Therapeutics .
E02.760 Patient Care .
E02.760.611 Nursing Care .
H02 Health Occupations .
H02.478 Nursing .
H02.478.676 Specialties, Nursing .
H02.478.676.112 Cardiovascular Nursing .
H02.478.676.150 Community Health Nursing .
H02.478.676.150.750 Parish Nursing .
H02.478.676.605 Oncology Nursing .
N02 Health Care Facilities, Manpower, and Services .
N02.421 Health Services .
N02.421.143 Community Health Services .
N02.421.143.150 Community Health Nursing .
N02.421.143.150.750 Parish Nursing .
N02.421.533 Nursing Care .
N02.421.533.099 Cardiovascular Nursing .
N02.421.533.600 Oncology Nursing .
N04 Health Services Administration .
N04.452 Organization and Administration .
N04.452.758 Professional Practice .
N04.452.758.377 Nursing .
SH1 Health Sciences, Technology and Innovation Management .
SH1.020 Scientific and Technical Activities .
SH1.020.020 Scientific Domains .
SH1.020.020.040 Health Sciences .
SH1. Nursing .
SP8 Disasters .
SP8.946 Disaster Management .
SP8.946.702 Disaster Planning .
SP8.946.702.667 Specialties in Disasters .
SP8.946.702.667.579 Nursing .
 Synonyms & Historicals
Parish Nursing .
Church Nursing .
Faith Community Nursing .
Nursing, Church .
Nursing, Faith Community .
Nursing, Parish .
A nursing specialty involving programs designed to bring wholeness and healing to a particular faith community through addressing the health needs of body, mind, and spirit. They are coordinated by registered NURSES and may involve HEALTH EDUCATION and counseling, facilitation, referral, PATIENT ADVOCACY, and health care plan interpretation, as influenced and defined by the unique needs of the congregation. .
Nursing .
Nursings .
The field of nursing care concerned with the promotion, maintenance, and restoration of health. .
/nursing .
/home care .
/nursing care .
Used with diseases for nursing care and techniques in their management. It includes the nursing role in diagnostic, therapeutic, and preventive procedures. .
Nursing Care .
Care, Nursing .
Management, Nursing Care .
Nursing Care Management .
Care given to patients by nursing service personnel. .
Oncology Nursing .
Cancer Nursing .
Oncological Nursing .
Nursing, Cancer .
Nursing, Oncological .
Nursing, Oncology .
Nursing, Oncologic .
Oncologic Nursing .
A nursing specialty concerned with the care provided to cancer patients. It includes aspects of family functioning through education of both patient and family. .
Cardiovascular Nursing .
Cardiac Care Nursing .
Cardiac Nursing .
Cardiac Vascular Nursing .
Coronary Care Nursing .
Vascular Nursing .
Nursing, Cardiac .
Nursing, Cardiac Care .
Nursing, Cardiac Vascular .
Nursing, Cardiovascular .
Nursing, Coronary Care .
Nursing, Vascular .
A specialty concerned with the nursing care of patients suffering from disorders of the CARDIOVASCULAR SYSTEM as well as those identified as at risk for adverse cardiac or vascular events. .