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 DeCS Categories

C06 Digestive System Diseases .
C06.405 Gastrointestinal Diseases .
C06.405.205 Gastroenteritis .
C06.405.205.265 Colitis .
C06.405.205.265.173 Colitis, Microscopic .
C06.405. Colitis, Collagenous .
C06.405.469 Intestinal Diseases .
C06.405.469.158 Colonic Diseases .
C06.405.469.158.188 Colitis .
C06.405.469.158.188.173 Colitis, Microscopic .
C06.405.469. Colitis, Collagenous .
D05 Macromolecular Substances .
D05.750 Polymers .
D05.750.078 Biopolymers .
D05.750.078.280 Collagen .
D08 Enzymes and Coenzymes .
D08.811 Enzymes .
D08.811.277 Hydrolases .
D08.811.277.656 Peptide Hydrolases .
D08.811.277.656.300 Endopeptidases .
D08.811.277.656.300.480 Metalloendopeptidases .
D08.811.277.656.300.480.205 Collagenases .
D08.811.277.656.675 Metalloproteases .
D08.811.277.656.675.374 Metalloendopeptidases .
D08.811.277.656.675.374.205 Collagenases .
D12 Amino Acids, Peptides, and Proteins .
D12.776 Proteins .
D12.776.543 Membrane Proteins .
D12.776.543.750 Receptors, Cell Surface .
D12.776.543.750.685 Receptors, Collagen .
D12.776.860 Scleroproteins .
D12.776.860.300 Extracellular Matrix Proteins .
D12.776.860.300.250 Collagen .
 Synonyms & Historicals
Collagen .
Avicon .
Avitene .
Collagen Felt .
Collagen Fleece .
Collagenfleece .
Collastat .
Dermodress .
Microfibril Collagen Hemostat .
Pangen .
Zyderm .
alpha-Collagen .
Collagen Hemostat, Microfibril .
alpha Collagen .
A polypeptide substance comprising about one third of the total protein in mammalian organisms. It is the main constituent of SKIN; CONNECTIVE TISSUE; and the organic substance of bones (BONE AND BONES) and teeth (TOOTH). .
Collagenases .
Collagen Peptidase .
Collagen-Degrading Enzyme .
Collagenase .
Collagen Degrading Enzyme .
Peptidase, Collagen .
Enzymes that catalyze the degradation of collagen by acting on the peptide bonds. .
Colitis, Collagenous .
Collagenous Colitis .
A subtype of MICROSCOPIC COLITIS, characterized by chronic watery DIARRHEA of unknown origin, a normal COLONOSCOPY but abnormal histopathology on BIOPSY. Microscopic examination of biopsy samples taken from the COLON show larger-than-normal band of subepithelial COLLAGEN. .
Receptors, Collagen .
Collagen Receptor .
Receptor, Collagen .
Collagen Receptors .
Cell surface receptors that modulate signal transduction between cells and the EXTRACELLULAR MATRIX. They are found in many cell types and are involved in the maintenance and regulation of cell shape and behavior, including PLATELET ACTIVATION and aggregation, through many different signaling pathways and differences in their affinities for collagen isoforms. Collagen receptors include DISCOIDIN DOMAIN RECEPTORS; INTEGRINS; and GP6, one of the PLATELET MEMBRANE GLYCOPROTEINS. .