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 DeCS Categories

D27 Chemical Actions and Uses .
D27.505 Pharmacologic Actions .
D27.505.259 Diagnostic Uses of Chemicals .
D27.505.259.875 Reagent Kits, Diagnostic .
D27.720 Specialty Uses of Chemicals .
D27.720.470 Laboratory Chemicals .
D27.720.470.410 Indicators and Reagents .
D27.720.470.410.680 Reagent Kits, Diagnostic .
E01 Diagnosis .
E04 Surgical Procedures, Operative .
E04.625 Prophylactic Surgical Procedures .
E07 Equipment and Supplies .
E07.720 Reagent Kits, Diagnostic .
F01 Behavior and Behavior Mechanisms .
F01.145 Behavior .
F01.145.126 Behavioral Symptoms .
F01.145.126.159 Child Reactive Disorders .
F01.829 Psychology, Social .
F01.829.547 Paternalism .
F02 Psychological Phenomena .
F02.550 Parapsychology .
F02.550.847 Telepathy .
G05 Genetic Phenomena .
G05.380 Genotype .
G05.380.360 Haplotypes .
K01 Humanities .
K01.752 Philosophy .
K01.752.566 Morals .
K01.752.566.479 Ethics .
K01.752.566.479.090 Complicity .
N05 Health Care Quality, Access, and Evaluation .
N05.350 Ethics .
N05.350.219 Complicity .
SP4 Environmental Health .
SP4.001 Health .
SP4.001.002 Health Services .
SP4.001.002.015 Quality of Health Care .
SP4. Diagnosis .
SP4.051 General Aspects .
SP4.051.512 Diagnosis .
V01 Publication Components .
V01.550 Letter .
V02 Publication Formats .
V02.355 Ephemera .
V02.355.374 Letter .
V02.625 Letter .
VS1 Health Surveillance System .
VS1.001 National Policy of Health Surveillance .
VS1.001.003 Sanitary Management .
VS1.001.003.001 Sanitary Supervision .
VS1. Sanitary Inspection .
VS1. Products Commerce .
VS1. Products of Institution Restricted Sale .
VS2 Health Surveillance of Products .
VS2.006 Control and Sanitary Supervision of Equipment and Supplies .
VS2.006.003 Diagnostic Equipment .
VS2.006.003.007 Reagent Kits, Diagnostic .
 Synonyms & Historicals
Reagent Kits, Diagnostic .
Diagnostic Reagents and Test Kits .
Diagnostic Test Kits .
In Vitro Diagnostic Device .
In Vitro Diagnostic Devices .
In Vitro Diagnostic Medical Device .
In Vitro Diagnostic Medical Devices .
Kits, Diagnostic Reagent .
Diagnostic Reagent Kit .
Diagnostic Test Kit .
Kit, Diagnostic Reagent .
Kit, Diagnostic Test .
Kits, Diagnostic Test .
Reagent Kit, Diagnostic .
Test Kit, Diagnostic .
Test Kits, Diagnostic .
Diagnostic Reagent Kits .
Commercially prepared reagent sets, with accessory devices, containing all of the major components and literature necessary to perform one or more designated diagnostic tests or procedures. They may be for laboratory or personal use. .
Diagnosis .
Antemortem Diagnosis .
Diagnoses and Examinations .
Examinations and Diagnoses .
Postmortem Diagnosis .
Antemortem Diagnoses .
Diagnoses .
Diagnoses, Antemortem .
Diagnoses, Postmortem .
Diagnosis, Antemortem .
Diagnosis, Postmortem .
Postmortem Diagnoses .
The determination of the nature of a disease or condition, or the distinguishing of one disease or condition from another. Assessment may be made through physical examination, laboratory tests, or the likes. Computerized programs may be used to enhance the decision-making process. .
Haplotypes .
Haplotype .
The genetic constitution of individuals with respect to one member of a pair of allelic genes, or sets of genes that are closely linked and tend to be inherited together such as those of the MAJOR HISTOCOMPATIBILITY COMPLEX. .
Products of Institution Restricted Sale .
Products of Restricted Sale to Institution .
B2B Sales Products .
Business to Business Sales Products .
Products for Professional Use .
Products of Restricted Sale for Enterprises .
Products of Restricted Sale for Entities .
Formulations that may be ready for use or may be more concentrated for later dilutions or other authorized handling in a suitable place by specialized personnel and immediately before use. .
Child Reactive Disorders .
Child Reactive Disorder .
Reactive Disorder, Child .
Reactions to an event or set of events which are considered to be of pathological degree, that have not developed into a neurosis, psychosis, or personality disorder with fixed patterns. .
Prophylactic Surgical Procedures .
Preventive Surgical Procedures .
Surgical Procedures, Preventive .
Preventive Surgical Procedure .
Procedure, Preventive Surgical .
Procedure, Prophylactic Surgical .
Procedures, Preventive Surgical .
Procedures, Prophylactic Surgical .
Prophylactic Surgical Procedure .
Surgical Procedure, Preventive .
Surgical Procedure, Prophylactic .
Surgical Procedures, Prophylactic .
Surgical procedures done to prevent or reduce the risk of developing cancer or other disease conditions in persons who may be predisposed to such conditions. .
Telepathy .
The knowledge or communication by one person with the mental processes of another through channels other than known physical or perceptual processes. .
Paternalism .
Interference with the FREEDOM or PERSONAL AUTONOMY of another person, with justifications referring to the promotion of the person's good or the prevention of harm to the person. (from Cambridge Dictionary of Philosophy, 1995); more generally, not allowing a person to make decisions on his or her own behalf. .
Complicity .
Moral Complicity .
Association with or participation in an act that is, or is perceived to be, criminal or immoral. One is complicitous when one promotes or unduly benefits from practices or institutions that are morally or legally suspect. .
Letter .
Letter [Publication Type] .
Work consisting of written or printed communication between individuals or between persons and representatives of corporate bodies. The correspondence may be personal or professional. In medical and other scientific publications the letter is usually from one or more authors to the editor of the journal or book publishing the item being commented upon or discussed. LETTER is often accompanied by COMMENT. .