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 DeCS Categories

E05 Investigative Techniques .
E05.337 Evaluation Studies as Topic .
E05.337.300 Drug Approval .
I01 Social Sciences .
I01.880 Sociology .
I01.880.604 Social Control, Formal .
I01.880.604.605 Legislation, Drug .
I01.880.604.605.250 Drug and Narcotic Control .
I01.880.604.605.250.250 Drug Approval .
N03 Health Care Economics and Organizations .
N03.706 Social Control, Formal .
N03.706.615 Legislation as Topic .
N03.706.615.402 Legislation, Drug .
N03.706.615.402.250 Drug and Narcotic Control .
N04 Health Services Administration .
N04.452 Organization and Administration .
N04.452.706 Pharmacy Administration .
N04.452.706.310 Drug and Narcotic Control .
SP9 Health Law .
SP9.100 Health Legislation .
SP9.100.020 Legislation, Drug .
SP9.100.020.010 Drug and Narcotic Control .
VS2 Health Surveillance of Products .
VS2.002 Drug and Narcotic Control .
VS2.002.003 Drug Evaluation .
VS2.002.003.001 Drug Approval .
 Synonyms & Historicals
Drug and Narcotic Control .
Drug Control .
Narcotic and Drug Control .
Pharmaceutic Policy .
Control, Drug .
Control, Narcotic .
Controls, Drug .
Controls, Narcotic .
Drug Controls .
Drug Regulation .
Narcotic Controls .
Pharmaceutical Policies .
Policies, Pharmaceutical .
Policy, Pharmaceutical .
Regulation, Drug .
Regulations, Drug .
Narcotic Control .
Drug Regulations .
Pharmaceutical Policy .
Control of drug and narcotic use by international agreement, or by institutional systems for handling prescribed drugs. This includes regulations concerned with the manufacturing, dispensing, approval (DRUG APPROVAL), and marketing of drugs. .
Drug Approval .
Food and Drug Administration Drug Approval .
Food and Drug Administration Drug Approval Process .
New Drug Approval Process .
Approval Process, Drug .
Approval Processes, Drug .
Approval, Drug .
Approval, New Drug .
Approvals, Drug .
Approvals, New Drug .
Drug Approval Processes .
Drug Approval, New .
Drug Approvals .
Drug Approvals, New .
New Drug Approvals .
Process, Drug Approval .
Processes, Drug Approval .
Drug Approval Process .
New Drug Approval .
Process that is gone through in order for a drug to receive approval by a government regulatory agency. This includes any required pre-clinical or clinical testing, review, submission, and evaluation of the applications and test results, and post-marketing surveillance of the drug. .