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 DeCS Categories

E02 Therapeutics .
E02.208 Contraindications .
E02.208.200 Contraindications, Drug .
E05 Investigative Techniques .
E05.916 Technology, Pharmaceutical .
E05.916.320 Drug Packaging .
I01 Social Sciences .
I01.880 Sociology .
I01.880.604 Social Control, Formal .
I01.880.604.605 Legislation, Drug .
I01.880.604.605.250 Drug and Narcotic Control .
J01 Technology, Industry, and Agriculture .
J01.576 Industry .
J01.576.655 Manufacturing Industry .
J01.576.655.750 Drug Industry .
J01.576.655.750.321 Drug Packaging .
J01.576.761 Product Packaging .
J01.576.761.300 Drug Packaging .
N03 Health Care Economics and Organizations .
N03.706 Social Control, Formal .
N03.706.615 Legislation as Topic .
N03.706.615.402 Legislation, Drug .
N03.706.615.402.250 Drug and Narcotic Control .
N04 Health Services Administration .
N04.452 Organization and Administration .
N04.452.706 Pharmacy Administration .
N04.452.706.310 Drug and Narcotic Control .
SP4 Environmental Health .
SP4.051 General Aspects .
SP4.051.492 Control .
SP9 Health Law .
SP9.100 Health Legislation .
SP9.100.020 Legislation, Drug .
SP9.100.020.010 Drug and Narcotic Control .
VS2 Health Surveillance of Products .
VS2.002 Drug and Narcotic Control .
VS2.002.001 Pharmaceutical Preparations .
VS2.002.001.015 Drugs of Special Control .
VS2.002.002 Chemical Industry .
VS2.002.002.001 Drug Industry .
VS2. Technology, Pharmaceutical .
VS2. Drug Packaging .
 Synonyms & Historicals
Drug and Narcotic Control .
Drug Control .
Narcotic and Drug Control .
Pharmaceutic Policy .
Control, Drug .
Control, Narcotic .
Controls, Drug .
Controls, Narcotic .
Drug Controls .
Drug Regulation .
Narcotic Controls .
Pharmaceutical Policies .
Policies, Pharmaceutical .
Policy, Pharmaceutical .
Regulation, Drug .
Regulations, Drug .
Narcotic Control .
Drug Regulations .
Pharmaceutical Policy .
Control of drug and narcotic use by international agreement, or by institutional systems for handling prescribed drugs. This includes regulations concerned with the manufacturing, dispensing, approval (DRUG APPROVAL), and marketing of drugs. .
Drugs of Special Control .
Controlled Drugs .
Narcotic drugs or psychotropic substances listed by the National Agency for Sanitary Surveillance of being able to cause physical or psychological dependence. .
Drug Packaging .
Drug Containers .
Container, Drug .
Containers, Drug .
Drug Container .
Drug Packagings .
Packagings, Drug .
Drug Containers and Closures .
Packaging, Drug .
Containers, packaging, and packaging materials for drugs and BIOLOGICAL PRODUCTS. These include those in ampule, capsule, tablet, solution or other forms. Packaging includes immediate-containers, secondary-containers, and cartons. In the United States, such packaging is controlled under the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act which also stipulates requirements for tamper-resistance and child-resistance. Similar laws govern use elsewhere. (From Code of Federal Regulations, 21 CFR 1 Section 210, 1993) DRUG LABELING is also available. .
Contraindications, Drug .
Drug Contraindications .
Contraindication, Drug .
Drug Contraindication .
A condition or factor associated with a recipient that makes the use of a specific drug improper or inadvisable. .
Control .
Control Methods .
Monitoring, supervision or checkups obeying certain expectations, norms, conventions etc. (Free translation from the original: Dicionário Eletrônico Houaiss da Língua Portuguesa) .
/prevention & control .
/control .
/prevention .
/preventive measures .
/preventive therapy .
/preventive treatment .
/prophylaxis .
/prevention and control .
Used with disease headings for increasing human or animal resistance against disease (e.g., immunization), for control of transmission agents, for prevention and control of environmental hazards, or for prevention and control of social factors leading to disease. It includes preventive measures in individual cases. .