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 DeCS Categories

D08 Enzymes and Coenzymes .
D08.811 Enzymes .
D08.811.913 Transferases .
D08.811.913.696 Phosphotransferases .
D08.811.913.696.445 Nucleotidyltransferases .
D08.811.913.696.445.308 DNA Nucleotidyltransferases .
D08.811.913.696.445.308.300 DNA-Directed DNA Polymerase .
D08.811.913.696.445.308.300.750 RNA-Directed DNA Polymerase .
D08.811.913.696.445.735 RNA Nucleotidyltransferases .
D08.811.913.696.445.735.270 DNA-Directed RNA Polymerases .
D12 Amino Acids, Peptides, and Proteins .
D12.776 Proteins .
D12.776.964 Viral Proteins .
D12.776.964.775 Retroviridae Proteins .
D12.776.964.775.375 Gene Products, pol .
D12.776.964.775.375.750 RNA-Directed DNA Polymerase .
D12.776.964.970 Viral Structural Proteins .
D12.776.964.970.600 Nucleocapsid Proteins .
D12.776.964.970.600.850 Viral Core Proteins .
D12.776.964.970.600.850.375 Gene Products, pol .
D12.776.964.970.600.850.375.750 RNA-Directed DNA Polymerase .
 Synonyms & Historicals
DNA-Directed RNA Polymerases .
DNA-Directed RNA Polymerase .
RNA Polymerase .
Transcriptase .
DNA Dependent RNA Polymerases .
DNA Directed RNA Polymerase .
DNA Directed RNA Polymerases .
Polymerase, DNA-Directed RNA .
Polymerase, RNA .
Polymerases, DNA-Dependent RNA .
Polymerases, DNA-Directed RNA .
Polymerases, RNA .
RNA Polymerase, DNA-Directed .
RNA Polymerases, DNA-Dependent .
RNA Polymerases, DNA-Directed .
DNA-Dependent RNA Polymerases .
RNA Polymerases .
Transcriptases .
DNA-Directed RNA Polymerase .
Enzymes that catalyze DNA template-directed extension of the 3'-end of an RNA strand one nucleotide at a time. They can initiate a chain de novo. In eukaryotes, three forms of the enzyme have been distinguished on the basis of sensitivity to alpha-amanitin, and the type of RNA synthesized. (From Enzyme Nomenclature, 1992). .
RNA-Directed DNA Polymerase .
RNA Transcriptase .
Revertase .
DNA Polymerase, RNA Directed .
DNA Polymerase, RNA-Dependent .
RNA Dependent DNA Polymerase .
RNA Directed DNA Polymerase .
DNA Polymerase, RNA-Directed .
RNA-Dependent DNA Polymerase .
Reverse Transcriptase .
An enzyme that synthesizes DNA on an RNA template. It is encoded by the pol gene of retroviruses and by certain retrovirus-like elements. EC .