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 DeCS Categories

I02 Education .
I02.233 Education, Nonprofessional .
I02.233.332 Health Education .
I02.233.332.186 Consumer Health Information .
I02.233.332.186.500 Health Literacy .
L01 Information Science .
L01.143 Communication .
L01.143.450 Information Literacy .
L01.143.450.500 Health Literacy .
N02 Health Care Facilities, Manpower, and Services .
N02.421 Health Services .
N02.421.726 Preventive Health Services .
N02.421.726.407 Health Education .
N02.421.726.407.229 Consumer Health Information .
N02.421.726.407.229.500 Health Literacy .
N03 Health Care Economics and Organizations .
N03.349 Health Planning .
N03.349.380 Health Services Research .
N03.349.380.420 Health Services Needs and Demand .
N05 Health Care Quality, Access, and Evaluation .
N05.300 Delivery of Health Care .
N05.300.450 Health Services Needs and Demand .
SP1 Health Policy, Planning and Management .
SP1.001 Public Health Policy .
SP1.001.012 Health Systems .
SP1.001.042 Health Equity .
SP1.001.042.063 Equity in Access to Health Services .
SP1.006 Health Planning .
SP1.006.072 Health Services Needs and Demand .
SP2 Health Care (Public Health) .
SP2.031 Health Services .
SP2.031.197 Basic Health Services .
SP2.031.197.118 Health Centers .
SP4 Environmental Health .
SP4.001 Health .
SP4.001.002 Health Services .
SP4.001.002.018 Health Centers .
SP9 Health Law .
SP9.020 Human Rights .
SP9.020.010 Right to Health .
SP9.020.010.005 Health Services Accessibility .
SP9. Universal Health Coverage .
SP9. Equity in Access to Health Services .
SP9. Health Equity .
SP9. Equity in Access to Health Services .
SP9.020.010.010 Health Advocacy .
VS3 Health Surveillance of Health Services .
VS3.002 Health Facilities .
VS3.002.010 Residential Facilities .
VS3.002.010.010 Health Centers .
 Synonyms & Historicals
Health Literacy .
Literacy, Health .
Degree to which individuals have the capacity to obtain, process, and understand basic health information and services needed to make appropriate health decisions. .
Health Advocacy .
Health Defense .
Claims on RIGHT TO HEALTH. Actions held by individuals or organized groups that aim at influencing authorities and private decision-makers as to RIGHT TO HEALTH .
Health Services Needs and Demand .
Health Services Needs .
Needs .
Needs and Demand, Health Services .
Target Population .
Health Services Need .
Need, Health Services .
Needs, Health Services .
Population, Target .
Populations, Target .
Target Populations .
Basic Needs .
Health services required by a population or community as well as the health services that the population or community is able and willing to pay for. .
Health Systems .
Health System .
Network of services with the aim to provide the population an optimum level of health, to protect the risk of illness, to meet the individual needs of health and to distribute health services equitably. Its functions include the provision of health services, financing, resource generation, supervision and regulation. .
Health Centers .
Health Center .
Polyclinic .
Health Posts .
Public Health Department, Hospital .
Policlinic .
Location of Health Centers .
Basic health units in which health prevention, promotion, diagnosis and treatment are developed. They are the gateway to services and networks of the health system. .
Equity in Access to Health Services .
Equity in Access .
Universal Access to Health Services .
Discrimination in the Health Sector .
Discrimination (Public Health) .
Possibility of health systems to offer alternatives for people who have more difficulties to enter and use health services in a defined geographic region. Each group, class or region has specific problems, differences in way of life, the sick, to access health services and meet their needs for life. These differences should be considered to offer more to those in need and reduce inequality. .