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 DeCS Categories

C05 Musculoskeletal Diseases .
C05.651 Muscular Diseases .
C05.651.662 Myotonic Disorders .
C10 Nervous System Diseases .
C10.668 Neuromuscular Diseases .
C10.668.491 Muscular Diseases .
C10.668.491.606 Myotonic Disorders .
F03 Mental Disorders .
F03.080 Anxiety Disorders .
F03.080.700 Panic Disorder .
F03.084 Bipolar and Related Disorders .
F03.084.500 Bipolar Disorder .
 Synonyms & Historicals
Bipolar Disorder .
Mania .
Manic State .
Psychoses, Manic-Depressive .
Bipolar Affective Psychosis .
Bipolar Depression .
Bipolar Disorders .
Disorder, Bipolar .
Disorder, Manic .
Manias .
Manic Depressive Psychosis .
Manic Disorders .
Manic States .
Manic-Depressive Psychoses .
Psychoses, Bipolar Affective .
Psychoses, Manic Depressive .
Psychosis, Bipolar Affective .
Psychosis, Manic Depressive .
State, Manic .
States, Manic .
Depression, Bipolar .
Psychosis, Manic-Depressive .
Affective Psychosis, Bipolar .
Manic-Depressive Psychosis .
Manic Disorder .
A major affective disorder marked by severe mood swings (manic or major depressive episodes) and a tendency to remission and recurrence. .
Panic Disorder .
Attack, Panic .
Attacks, Panic .
Disorder, Panic .
Disorders, Panic .
Panic Attack .
Panic Disorders .
Panic Attacks .
A type of anxiety disorder characterized by unexpected panic attacks that last minutes or, rarely, hours. Panic attacks begin with intense apprehension, fear or terror and, often, a feeling of impending doom. Symptoms experienced during a panic attack include dyspnea or sensations of being smothered; dizziness, loss of balance or faintness; choking sensations; palpitations or accelerated heart rate; shakiness; sweating; nausea or other form of abdominal distress; depersonalization or derealization; paresthesias; hot flashes or chills; chest discomfort or pain; fear of dying and fear of not being in control of oneself or going crazy. Agoraphobia may also develop. Similar to other anxiety disorders, it may be inherited as an autosomal dominant trait. .
Mental Disorders .
Behavior Disorders .
Diagnosis, Psychiatric .
Mental Disorders, Severe .
Psychiatric Diagnosis .
Disorder, Mental .
Disorder, Severe Mental .
Disorders, Behavior .
Disorders, Mental .
Disorders, Severe Mental .
Mental Disorder .
Mental Disorder, Severe .
Severe Mental Disorder .
Severe Mental Disorders .
Psychiatric illness or diseases manifested by breakdowns in the adaptational process expressed primarily as abnormalities of thought, feeling, and behavior producing either distress or impairment of function. .
Myotonic Disorders .
Eulenburg Disease .
Eulenburg's Disease .
Paralysis Periodica Paramyotonia .
Paramyotonia Congenita Without Cold Paralysis .
Paramyotonia Congenita of von Eulenberg .
Von Eulenberg's Disease .
Disorder, Myotonic .
Disorders, Myotonic .
Myopathy, Myotonic .
Myotonic Disorder .
Myotonic Myopathies .
Myotonic Myopathy .
Von Eulenberg Disease .
Myopathies, Myotonic .
Myotonia Fluctuans .
Paramyotonia Congenita .
Diseases characterized by MYOTONIA, which may be inherited or acquired. Myotonia may be restricted to certain muscles (e.g., intrinsic hand muscles) or occur as a generalized condition. .