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 DeCS Categories

D27 Chemical Actions and Uses .
D27.505 Pharmacologic Actions .
D27.505.696 Physiological Effects of Drugs .
D27.505.696.875 Reproductive Control Agents .
D27.505.696.875.552 Fertility Agents .
D27.505.954 Therapeutic Uses .
D27.505.954.705 Reproductive Control Agents .
D27.505.954.705.552 Fertility Agents .
G04 Cell Physiological Phenomena .
G04.085 Cell Communication .
G04.085.155 Bystander Effect .
G05 Genetic Phenomena .
G05.285 Founder Effect .
SP4 Environmental Health .
SP4.011 Science .
SP4.011.087 Contamination .
SP4.011.087.718 Industrial Pollution .
SP4.011.087.718.439 Industry .
SP4.011.087.718.439.115 Foundry .
SP4.046 Occupational Health .
SP4.046.462 Industry .
SP4.046.462.798 Foundry .
 Synonyms & Historicals
Founder Effect .
Effect, Founder .
Effects, Founder .
Founder Effects .
A phenomenon that is observed when a small subgroup of a larger POPULATION establishes itself as a separate and isolated entity. The subgroup's GENE POOL carries only a fraction of the genetic diversity of the parental population resulting in an increased frequency of certain diseases in the subgroup, especially those diseases known to be autosomal recessive. .
Fertility Agents .
Fertility Drugs .
Fertility Effect .
Fertility Effects .
Infertility Drugs .
Infertility Effect .
Infertility Effects .
Agents, Fertility .
Agents, Infertility .
Drugs, Fertility .
Drugs, Infertility .
Effect, Fertility .
Effect, Infertility .
Effects, Fertility .
Effects, Infertility .
Infertility Agents .
Drugs used to increase fertility or to treat infertility. .
/drug effects .
/effect of the drug .
/effect of drugs .
/effect of a drug .
/medication effect .
/effect of the medication .
/effect of a chemical .
/pharmacologic effect .
/effect of a pharmaceutical sustance .
/effect of a chemical substance .
/chemical substance effect .
/chemical effect .
/drug treatment effect .
/effect of the drug treatment .
/effects of medications .
/effects of a drug .
/medication effects .
/effects of the medication .
/effects of the medications .
/effects of the chemical substance .
/chemical substance effects .
/effects of chemical substances .
/effects of the pharmaceutical substance .
/effects of pharmaceutical substances .
/effects of the drug .
/effects of the drugs .
/pharmacologic effects .
/effect of remedies .
/effect of the remedy .
/effects of remedies .
/effects of the remedies .
/effects of the drug treatment .
/effects of chemotherapy .
Used with organs, regions, tissues, or organisms and physiological and psychological processes for the effects of drugs and chemicals. .
Foundry .
Bystander Effect .
Bystander Help .
Bystander Suppression .
Bystander Effects .
Effect, Bystander .
Effects, Bystander .
Help, Bystander .
Suppression, Bystander .
The result of a positive or negative response (to drugs, for example) in one cell being passed onto other cells via the GAP JUNCTIONS or the intracellular milieu. .
/adverse effects .
/side effects .
Used with drugs, chemicals, or biological agents in accepted dosage - or with physical agents or manufactured products in normal usage - when intended for diagnostic, therapeutic, prophylactic, or anesthetic purposes. It is used also for adverse effects or complications of diagnostic, therapeutic, prophylactic, anesthetic, surgical, or other procedures. .