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 DeCS Categories

E01 Diagnosis .
E01.370 Diagnostic Techniques and Procedures .
E01.370.350 Diagnostic Imaging .
E01.370.350.600 Photography .
E01.370.350.600.350 Image Enhancement .
E02 Therapeutics .
E02.095 Biological Therapy .
E02.095.465 Immunomodulation .
E02.095.465.425 Immunotherapy .
E02.095.465.425.450 Immunosuppression .
E02.095.465.425.450.440 Graft Enhancement, Immunologic .
E05 Investigative Techniques .
E05.104 Biomedical Enhancement .
E05.104.500 Genetic Enhancement .
E05.393 Genetic Techniques .
E05.393.420 Genetic Engineering .
E05.393.420.451 Genetic Enhancement .
E05.478 Immunologic Techniques .
E05.478.610 Immunosuppression .
E05.478.610.500 Graft Enhancement, Immunologic .
J01 Technology, Industry, and Agriculture .
J01.897 Technology .
J01.897.115 Biomedical Technology .
J01.897.115.250 Biomedical Enhancement .
J01.897.115.250.500 Genetic Enhancement .
L01 Information Science .
L01.224 Computing Methodologies .
L01.224.308 Image Processing, Computer-Assisted .
L01.224.308.380 Image Enhancement .
 Synonyms & Historicals
Biomedical Enhancement .
Enhancement Technologies .
Biomedical Enhancements .
Enhancement Technology .
Enhancements, Biomedical .
Technologies, Enhancement .
Technology, Enhancement .
Enhancement, Biomedical .
The use of technology-based interventions to improve functional capacities rather than to treat disease. .
Genetic Enhancement .
Enhancement, Genetic .
Enhancements, Genetic .
Genetic Enhancements .
The use of genetic methodologies to improve functional capacities of an organism rather than to treat disease. .
Image Enhancement .
Image Quality Enhancement .
Enhancement, Image .
Enhancement, Image Quality .
Enhancements, Image .
Enhancements, Image Quality .
Image Enhancements .
Image Quality Enhancements .
Quality Enhancement, Image .
Quality Enhancements, Image .
Improvement of the quality of a picture by various techniques, including computer processing, digital filtering, echocardiographic techniques, light and ultrastructural MICROSCOPY, fluorescence spectrometry and microscopy, scintigraphy, and in vitro image processing at the molecular level. .
Graft Enhancement, Immunologic .
Enhancement, Immunologic Graft .
Graft Enhancement .
Graft Enhancement, Immunological .
Immunologic Graft Enhancement .
Enhancement, Graft .
Enhancement, Immunological Graft .
Enhancements, Graft .
Enhancements, Immunologic Graft .
Enhancements, Immunological Graft .
Graft Enhancements .
Graft Enhancements, Immunologic .
Graft Enhancements, Immunological .
Immunologic Graft Enhancements .
Immunological Graft Enhancement .
Immunological Graft Enhancements .
Immunologic Enhancement of Grafts .
The induction of prolonged survival and growth of allografts of either tumors or normal tissues which would ordinarily be rejected. It may be induced passively by introducing graft-specific antibodies from previously immunized donors, which bind to the graft's surface antigens, masking them from recognition by T-cells; or actively by prior immunization of the recipient with graft antigens which evoke specific antibodies and form antigen-antibody complexes which bind to the antigen receptor sites of the T-cells and block their cytotoxic activity. .