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 DeCS Categories

G05 Genetic Phenomena .
G05.360 Genetic Structures .
G05.360.340 Genome .
G05.360.340.024 Genome Components .
G05.360.340.024.340 Genes .
G05.360.340.024.340.230 Genes, Developmental .
G08 Reproductive and Urinary Physiological Phenomena .
G08.686 Reproductive Physiological Phenomena .
G08.686.784 Reproduction .
G08.686.784.769 Pregnancy .
G08.686.784.769.491 Placentation .
HP1 Homeopathy .
HP1.007 Homeopathic Philosophy .
HP1.007.148 Homeopathy Foundation .
HP1.007.148.200 Experiment of Substances .
HP1. Prover .
SH1 Health Sciences, Technology and Innovation Management .
SH1.020 Scientific and Technical Activities .
SH1.020.010 Scientific Research and Technological Development .
SH1.020.010.030 Experimental Development .
SP8 Disasters .
SP8.473 Risk 17142 .
SP8.473.654 Hazards .
SP8.473.654.377 Environment .
SP8.473.654.377.022 Ecological Development .
V02 Publication Formats .
V02.605 Laboratory Manuals .
 Synonyms & Historicals
Experimental Development .
Systematic work, based on existing knowledge derived from research and practical experience designed to develop adaptive or alternative technologies applied to local or regional needs (productive needs or social services, including relevant equipment), to the production of innovative materials, products and devices, to implementation of processes, systems and services, or to substantial improvement of those already existing. (Free translation from the original: Frascati Manual - OECD) .
/growth & development .
/growth and development .
/growth .
/development .
/postnatal development .
/postnatal growth .
Used with microorganisms, plants, and the postnatal period of animals for growth and development. It includes also the postnatal growth or development of organs or anatomical parts. .
Genes, Developmental .
Developmental Gene .
Gene, Developmental .
Developmental Genes .
Genes that determine the fate of a cell or CELLS in a region of the embryo during EMBRYONIC DEVELOPMENT. .
Laboratory Manuals .
Experiments .
Laboratory Manuals [Publication Type] .
Experiments (Publication Type) .
Works containing concise background information and directions for activities, including conducting experiments or diagnostic tests in the laboratory. .
Prover .
Experimenter .
Individual presenting good psychic/physical health, who takes part of provings in order to find out the types of symptoms produced by substances prepared according to homeopathic pharmaco-techniques. .
Placentation .
Hemochorial Placental Development .
Hemochorial Placentation .
Placental Development .
Placental Development, Hemochorial .
Placentation, Hemochorial .
The development of the PLACENTA, a highly vascularized mammalian fetal-maternal organ and major site of transport of oxygen, nutrients, and fetal waste products between mother and FETUS. The process begins at FERTILIZATION, through the development of CYTOTROPHOBLASTS and SYNCYTIOTROPHOBLASTS, the formation of CHORIONIC VILLI, to the progressive increase in BLOOD VESSELS to support the growing fetus. .
Ecological Development .
Environmental Development .
Mode of economic development that postulates the rational use of natural resources to meet current and future needs, using technology that neither harms nature nor produces environmental contamination, and supports the practice of recycling or reusing materials and natural resources. .