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 DeCS Categories

A05 Urogenital System .
A05.360 Genitalia .
A05.360.490 Germ Cells .
A05.360.490.690 Ovum 7708 .
A05.360.490.690.680 Oocytes .
A05.360.490.690.680.500 Polar Bodies .
A05.360.490.690.700 Oogonia .
A05.360.490.890 Spermatozoa .
A05.360.490.890.880 Spermatocytes .
A11 Cells .
A11.497 Germ Cells .
A11.497.497 Ovum 7708 .
A11.497.497.600 Oocytes .
A11.497.497.600.500 Polar Bodies .
A11.497.497.650 Oogonia .
A11.497.760 Spermatozoa .
A11.497.760.700 Spermatocytes .
A16 Embryonic Structures .
A16.690 Ovum 7708 .
E02 Therapeutics .
E02.875 Reproductive Techniques .
E02.875.800 Reproductive Techniques, Assisted .
E02.875.800.976 Oocyte Retrieval .
E04 Surgical Procedures, Operative .
E04.936 Transplantation .
E04.936.537 Tissue and Organ Harvesting .
E04.936.537.625 Oocyte Retrieval .
E05 Investigative Techniques .
E05.820 Reproductive Techniques .
E05.820.800 Reproductive Techniques, Assisted .
E05.820.800.976 Oocyte Retrieval .
G04 Cell Physiological Phenomena .
G04.152 Cell Differentiation .
G04.152.650 Gametogenesis .
G04.152.650.249 Oogenesis .
G08 Reproductive and Urinary Physiological Phenomena .
G08.686 Reproductive Physiological Phenomena .
G08.686.784 Reproduction .
G08.686.784.310 Gametogenesis .
G08.686.784.310.500 Oogenesis .
 Synonyms & Historicals
Oocytes .
Oocyte .
Ovocyte .
Ovocytes .
Female germ cells derived from OOGONIA and termed OOCYTES when they enter MEIOSIS. The primary oocytes begin meiosis but are arrested at the diplotene state until OVULATION at PUBERTY to give rise to haploid secondary oocytes or ova (OVUM). .
Oogonia .
Euploid female germ cells of an early stage of OOGENESIS, derived from primordial germ cells during ovarian differentiation. Oogonia undergo MEIOSIS and give rise to haploid OOCYTES .
Spermatocytes .
Spermatocyte .
Spermiocyte .
Spermiocytes .
Male germ cells derived from SPERMATOGONIA. The euploid primary spermatocytes undergo MEIOSIS and give rise to the haploid secondary spermatocytes which in turn give rise to SPERMATIDS. .
Oogenesis .
Oogeneses .
The process of germ cell development in the female from the primordial germ cells through OOGONIA to the mature haploid ova (OVUM). .
Polar Bodies .
Polar Body .
Polar Cells .
Bodies, Polar .
Body, Polar .
Cell, Polar .
Cells, Polar .
Polar Cell .
Minute cells produced during development of an OOCYTE as it undergoes MEIOSIS. A polar body contains one of the nuclei derived from the first or second meiotic CELL DIVISION. Polar bodies have practically no CYTOPLASM. They are eventually discarded by the oocyte. (from King & Stansfield, A Dictionary of Genetics, 4th ed) .
Oocyte Retrieval .
Oocyte Aspiration .
Oocyte Collection .
Aspiration, Oocyte .
Collection, Oocyte .
Retrieval, Oocyte .
Procedures to obtain viable OOCYTES from the host. Oocytes most often are collected by needle aspiration from OVARIAN FOLLICLES before OVULATION. .
Ovum 7708 .
Egg, Unfertilized .
Ova 7708 .
Eggs, Unfertilized .
Unfertilized Egg .
Unfertilized Eggs .
Egg 7708 .
A mature haploid female germ cell extruded from the OVARY at OVULATION. .
Gametogenesis .
Gametogeneses .
The process of germ cell development from the primordial GERM CELLS to the mature haploid GAMETES: ova in the female (OOGENESIS) or sperm in the male (SPERMATOGENESIS). .