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 DeCS Categories

D08 Enzymes and Coenzymes .
D08.811 Enzymes .
D08.811.520 Lyases .
D08.811.520.241 Carbon-Oxygen Lyases .
D08.811.520.241.300 Hydro-Lyases .
D08.811.520.241.300.050 Aconitate Hydratase .
D08.811.520.241.300.050.500 Iron Regulatory Protein 1 .
D12 Amino Acids, Peptides, and Proteins .
D12.776 Proteins .
D12.776.157 Carrier Proteins .
D12.776.157.427 Iron-Binding Proteins .
D12.776.157.427.374 Nonheme Iron Proteins .
D12.776.157.427.374.375 Iron-Sulfur Proteins .
D12.776.157.427.374.375.960 Iron Regulatory Protein 1 .
D12.776.157.530 Membrane Transport Proteins .
D12.776.157.530.200 Amino Acid Transport Systems .
D12.776.157.530.200.374 Amino Acid Transport Systems, Basic .
D12.776.157.530.200.374.750 Amino Acid Transport System y+L .
D12.776.157.530.200.374.750.500 Fusion Regulatory Protein-1 .
D12.776.157.530.200.374.750.500.250 Fusion Regulatory Protein 1, Heavy Chain .
D12.776.157.530.200.374.750.500.625 Fusion Regulatory Protein 1, Light Chains .
D12.776.157.530.200.500 Amino Acid Transport Systems, Neutral .
D12.776.157.530.200.500.500 Amino Acid Transport System L .
D12.776.157.530.200.500.500.500 Fusion Regulatory Protein-1 .
D12.776.157.530.200.500.500.500.250 Fusion Regulatory Protein 1, Heavy Chain .
D12.776.157.530.200.500.500.500.300 Fusion Regulatory Protein 1, Light Chains .
D12.776.157.530.937 Solute Carrier Proteins .
D12.776.157.530.937.313 Amino Acid Transport System y+L .
D12.776.157.530.937.313.500 Fusion Regulatory Protein-1 .
D12.776.157.530.937.313.500.250 Fusion Regulatory Protein 1, Heavy Chain .
D12.776.157.530.937.313.500.625 Fusion Regulatory Protein 1, Light Chains .
D12.776.157.725 RNA-Binding Proteins .
D12.776.157.725.374 Iron Regulatory Protein 1 .
D12.776.260 DNA-Binding Proteins .
D12.776.260.643 Orphan Nuclear Receptors .
D12.776.260.643.039 COUP Transcription Factors .
D12.776.260.643.039.500 COUP Transcription Factor II .
D12.776.260.703 Repressor Proteins .
D12.776.260.703.200 COUP Transcription Factor II .
D12.776.494 Iron-Regulatory Proteins .
D12.776.494.500 Iron Regulatory Protein 1 .
D12.776.543 Membrane Proteins .
D12.776.543.585 Membrane Transport Proteins .
D12.776.543.585.200 Amino Acid Transport Systems .
D12.776.543.585.200.374 Amino Acid Transport Systems, Basic .
D12.776.543.585.200.374.750 Amino Acid Transport System y+L .
D12.776.543.585.200.374.750.500 Fusion Regulatory Protein-1 .
D12.776.543.585.200.374.750.500.250 Fusion Regulatory Protein 1, Heavy Chain .
D12.776.543.585.200.374.750.500.500 Fusion Regulatory Protein 1, Light Chains .
D12.776.543.585.200.500 Amino Acid Transport Systems, Neutral .
D12.776.543.585.200.500.500 Amino Acid Transport System L .
D12.776.543.585.200.500.500.500 Fusion Regulatory Protein-1 .
D12.776.543.585.200.500.500.500.250 Fusion Regulatory Protein 1, Heavy Chain .
D12.776.543.585.200.500.500.500.500 Fusion Regulatory Protein 1, Light Chains .
D12.776.543.585.937 Solute Carrier Proteins .
D12.776.543.585.937.313 Amino Acid Transport System y+L .
D12.776.543.585.937.313.500 Fusion Regulatory Protein-1 .
D12.776.543.585.937.313.500.250 Fusion Regulatory Protein 1, Heavy Chain .
D12.776.543.585.937.313.500.625 Fusion Regulatory Protein 1, Light Chains .
D12.776.543.750 Receptors, Cell Surface .
D12.776.543.750.705 Receptors, Immunologic .
D12.776.543.750.705.408 Integrins .
D12.776.543.750.705.408.100 Integrin alpha Chains .
D12.776.543.750.705.408.100.400 Integrin alpha3 .
D12.776.556 Metalloproteins .
D12.776.556.579 Iron-Binding Proteins .
D12.776.556.579.374 Nonheme Iron Proteins .
D12.776.556.579.374.375 Iron-Sulfur Proteins .
D12.776.556.579.374.375.960 Iron Regulatory Protein 1 .
D12.776.664 Nucleoproteins .
D12.776.664.962 RNA-Binding Proteins .
D12.776.664.962.374 Iron Regulatory Protein 1 .
D12.776.826 Receptors, Cytoplasmic and Nuclear .
D12.776.826.209 Orphan Nuclear Receptors .
D12.776.826.209.039 COUP Transcription Factors .
D12.776.826.209.039.500 COUP Transcription Factor II .
D12.776.930 Transcription Factors .
D12.776.930.780 Repressor Proteins .
D12.776.930.780.750 COUP Transcription Factor II .
 Synonyms & Historicals
Fusion Regulatory Protein-1 .
4F2 Antigen .
4F2-antigen .
CD98 Antigen .
CD98 Transport Proteins .
FRP-1 protein .
H4F2 Antigen .
Human 4F2 Antigen .
Human 4F2 Cell-Surface Antigen .
Human Lymphocyte Activation Antigen 4F2 .
4F2 Antigen, Human .
Antigen, CD98 .
FRP 1 protein .
Fusion Regulatory Protein 1 .
Human 4F2 Cell Surface Antigen .
Regulatory Protein-1, Fusion .
Transport Proteins, CD98 .
Antigen 4F2 .
Antigens, CD98 .
CD98 Antigens .
A heterodimeric protein that is a cell surface antigen associated with lymphocyte activation. The initial characterization of this protein revealed one identifiable heavy chain (FUSION REGULATORY PROTEIN 1, HEAVY CHAIN) and an indeterminate smaller light chain. It is now known that a variety of light chain subunits (FUSION REGULATORY PROTEIN 1, LIGHT CHAINS) can dimerize with the heavy chain. Depending upon its light chain composition a diverse array of functions can be found for this protein. Functions include: type L amino acid transport, type y+L amino acid transport and regulation of cellular fusion. .
Integrin alpha3 .
CD49c Antigen .
FRP-2 .
Fusion Regulatory Protein-2 .
alpha(3) Integrin .
Antigen, CD49c .
Fusion Regulatory Protein 2 .
alpha3, Integrin .
Antigens, CD49c .
CD49c Antigens .
An integrin alpha subunit that occurs as alternatively spliced isoforms. The isoforms are differentially expressed in specific cell types and at specific developmental stages. Integrin alpha3 combines with INTEGRIN BETA1 to form INTEGRIN ALPHA3BETA1 which is a heterodimer found primarily in epithelial cells. .
Fusion Regulatory Protein 1, Heavy Chain .
4F2 Antigen, Heavy Chain .
4F2 Heavy Chain .
4F2HC Subunit .
CD98 Antigen Heavy Chain .
FRP-1 Heavy Chain .
SLC3A2 Protein .
Solute Carrier Family 3 Member 2 .
FRP 1 Heavy Chain .
Antigen 4F2, Heavy Chain .
CD98 Antigens Heavy Chain .
Antigens, CD98 Heavy Chain .
A transmembrane glycoprotein subunit that can dimerize with a variety of light chain subunits such as SLC7A5; SLC7A6, and 4F2 LIGHT CHAINS. This protein subunit serves a diverse array of functions including amino acid transport and cell fusion. Its function is altered depending which of the light chain subunits it interacts with. .
Fusion Regulatory Protein 1, Light Chains .
4F2 Antigen, Light Chains .
4F2 Light Chains .
CD98 Antigen Light Chain .
CD98 Antigens Light Chain .
Antigens, CD98 Light Chains .
A family of light chains that bind to FUSION REGULATORY PROTEIN 1, HEAVY CHAIN to form a heterodimer. They convey functional specificity to the protein. .
Iron Regulatory Protein 1 .
ACO1 Protein .
Aconitase 1, Soluble .
Ferritin Repressor Protein .
IRP-1 Protein .
IRP1 Protein .
IRP 1 Protein .
Repressor Protein, Ferritin .
Soluble Aconitase 1 .
A multifunctional iron-sulfur protein that is both an iron regulatory protein and cytoplasmic form of aconitate hydratase. It binds to iron regulatory elements found on mRNAs involved in iron metabolism and regulates their translation. Its RNA binding ability and its aconitate hydrolase activity are dependent upon availability of IRON. .
COUP Transcription Factor II .
ApoAI Regulatory Protein-1 .
Apolipoprotein AI Regulatory Protein 1 .
COUP Transcription Factor 2 .
COUP-TF2 Protein .
COUP-TFII Protein .
Chicken Ovalbumin Upstream Promoter-Transcription Factor II .
Nuclear Receptor NR2F2 .
Nuclear Receptor Subfamily 2, Group F, Member 2 .
ApoAI Regulatory Protein 1 .
COUP TF2 Protein .
COUP TFII Protein .
Chicken Ovalbumin Upstream Promoter Transcription Factor II .
A COUP transcription factor that negatively regulates GENETIC TRANSCRIPTION and competes with other hormone receptors for the common response element AGGTCA. It can also stimulate transcription of genes involved in the metabolism of GLUCOSE and CHOLESTEROL. .