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 DeCS Categories

D03 Heterocyclic Compounds .
D03.383 Heterocyclic Compounds, 1-Ring .
D03.383.621 Piperidines .
D03.383.621.699 Phencyclidine .
D12 Amino Acids, Peptides, and Proteins .
D12.776 Proteins .
D12.776.624 Neoplasm Proteins .
D12.776.624.664 Oncogene Proteins .
D12.776.624.664.520 Oncogene Proteins, Viral .
D12.776.624.664.520.750 Retroviridae Proteins, Oncogenic .
D12.776.624.664.520.750.650 Oncogene Protein gp140(v-fms) .
D12.776.964 Viral Proteins .
D12.776.964.700 Oncogene Proteins, Viral .
D12.776.964.700.750 Retroviridae Proteins, Oncogenic .
D12.776.964.700.750.650 Oncogene Protein gp140(v-fms) .
D12.776.964.775 Retroviridae Proteins .
D12.776.964.775.325 Gene Products, env .
D12.776.964.775.325.164 env Gene Products, Human Immunodeficiency Virus .
D12.776.964.775.325.164.249 HIV Envelope Protein gp120 .
D12.776.964.775.325.164.374 HIV Envelope Protein gp160 .
D12.776.964.775.562 Human Immunodeficiency Virus Proteins .
D12.776.964.775.562.500 env Gene Products, Human Immunodeficiency Virus .
D12.776.964.775.562.500.500 HIV Envelope Protein gp120 .
D12.776.964.775.562.500.750 HIV Envelope Protein gp160 .
D12.776.964.775.750 Retroviridae Proteins, Oncogenic .
D12.776.964.775.750.650 Oncogene Protein gp140(v-fms) .
D12.776.964.970 Viral Structural Proteins .
D12.776.964.970.880 Viral Envelope Proteins .
D12.776.964.970.880.325 Gene Products, env .
D12.776.964.970.880.325.164 env Gene Products, Human Immunodeficiency Virus .
D12.776.964.970.880.325.164.249 HIV Envelope Protein gp120 .
D12.776.964.970.880.325.164.374 HIV Envelope Protein gp160 .
D23 Biological Factors .
D23.050 Antigens .
D23.050.327 Antigens, Viral .
D23.050.327.520 HIV Antigens .
D23.050.327.520.350 HIV Envelope Protein gp120 .
 Synonyms & Historicals
Phencyclidine .
1-(1-Phenylcyclohexyl)piperidine .
Angel Dust .
CL-395 .
GP-121 .
Phencyclidine Hydrobromide .
Phencyclidine Hydrochloride .
Sernyl .
Serylan .
CL 395 .
CL395 .
Dust, Angel .
GP 121 .
GP121 .
PCP 8137 .
A hallucinogen formerly used as a veterinary anesthetic, and briefly as a general anesthetic for humans. Phencyclidine is similar to KETAMINE in structure and in many of its effects. Like ketamine, it can produce a dissociative state. It exerts its pharmacological action through inhibition of NMDA receptors (RECEPTORS, N-METHYL-D-ASPARTATE). As a drug of abuse, it is known as PCP and Angel Dust. .
HIV Envelope Protein gp120 .
HIV Envelope Glycoprotein gp120 .
gp120 Envelope Glycoprotein, HIV .
HTLV III gp120 .
gp120, HTLV-III .
Envelope Glycoprotein gp120, HIV .
HTLV-III gp120 .
env Protein gp120, HIV .
gp120(HIV) .
HIV-1 Envelope Protein gp120 .
HIV-2 Envelope Protein gp120 .
External envelope protein of the human immunodeficiency virus which is encoded by the HIV env gene. It has a molecular weight of 120 kDa and contains numerous glycosylation sites. Gp120 binds to cells expressing CD4 cell-surface antigens, most notably T4-lymphocytes and monocytes/macrophages. Gp120 has been shown to interfere with the normal function of CD4 and is at least partly responsible for the cytopathic effect of HIV. .
Oncogene Protein gp140(v-fms) .
fms Oncogene Product gp120 .
fms Oncogene Product gp140 .
gp120 v-fms .
gp140 v-fms .
gp120 v fms .
gp140 v fms .
v fms Protein .
v-fms, gp120 .
v-fms, gp140 .
fms Oncogene Protein gp120 .
fms Oncogene Protein gp140 .
gp120(v-fms) .
gp140(v-fms) .
v-fms Protein .
Transforming glycoprotein coded by the fms oncogene from the Susan McDonough strain of feline sarcoma virus (SM-FeSV). The oncogene protein v-fms lacks sequences, which, in the highly homologous proto-oncogene protein c-fms (CSF-1 receptor), normally serve to regulate its tyrosine kinase activity. The missing sequences in v-fms mimic the effect of ligand and lead to constitutive cell growth. The protein gp120(v-fms) is post-translationally modified to generate gp140(v-fms). .
HIV Envelope Protein gp160 .
HIV Envelope Glycoprotein gp160 .
gp160 Envelope Glycoprotein, HIV .
HTLV III gp160 .
gp160, HTLV-III .
Envelope Glycoprotein gp160, HIV .
HTLV-III gp160 .
env Protein gp160, HIV .
gp160(HIV) .
HIV-1 Envelope Protein gp160 .
HIV-2 Envelope Protein gp160 .
An envelope protein of the human immunodeficiency virus that is encoded by the HIV env gene. It has a molecular weight of 160,000 kDa and contains numerous glycosylation sites. It serves as a precursor for both the HIV ENVELOPE PROTEIN GP120 and the HIV ENVELOPE PROTEIN GP41. .