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 DeCS Categories

A03 Digestive System .
C04 Neoplasms .
C04.588 Neoplasms by Site .
C04.588.274 Digestive System Neoplasms .
C06 Digestive System Diseases .
C06.267 Digestive System Fistula .
C06.301 Digestive System Neoplasms .
C23 Pathological Conditions, Signs and Symptoms .
C23.300 Pathological Conditions, Anatomical .
C23.300.575 Fistula .
C23.300.575.185 Digestive System Fistula .
C23.888 Signs and Symptoms .
C23.888.821 Signs and Symptoms, Digestive .
D06 Hormones, Hormone Substitutes, and Hormone Antagonists .
D06.472 Hormones .
D06.472.317 Gastrointestinal Hormones .
D06.472.317.152 Cholecystokinin .
D06.472.317.152.700 Sincalide .
D12 Amino Acids, Peptides, and Proteins .
D12.644 Peptides .
D12.644.120 Cholecystokinin .
D12.644.120.500 Sincalide .
G03 Metabolism .
G03.857 Secretory Rate .
 Synonyms & Historicals
Gastrointestinal Hormones .
Hormones, Enteric .
Hormones, Gastrointestinal .
Hormones, Intestinal .
Enteric Hormones .
Intestinal Hormones .
HORMONES secreted by the gastrointestinal mucosa that affect the timing or the quality of secretion of digestive enzymes, and regulate the motor activity of the digestive system organs. .
Digestive System Neoplasms .
Cancer of the Digestive System .
Neoplasms, Digestive System .
Cancer, Digestive System .
Cancers, Digestive System .
Digestive System Cancers .
Digestive System Neoplasm .
Neoplasm, Digestive System .
Cancer of Digestive System .
Digestive System Cancer .
Tumors or cancer of the DIGESTIVE SYSTEM. .
Signs and Symptoms, Digestive .
Digestive system manifestations of diseases of the gastrointestinal system or of other organs. .
Secretory Rate .
Rate, Secretory .
Rates, Secretory .
Secretory Rates .
The amount of a substance secreted by cells or by a specific organ or organism over a given period of time; usually applies to those substances which are formed by glandular tissues and are released by them into biological fluids, e.g., secretory rate of corticosteroids by the adrenal cortex, secretory rate of gastric acid by the gastric mucosa. .
Digestive System Fistula .
Digestive System Fistulas .
Fistula, Digestive System .
Fistulas, Digestive System .
An abnormal passage communicating between any components of the digestive system, or between any part of the digestive system and surrounding organ(s). .
Cholecystokinin .
CCK-33 .
Cholecystokinin 33 .
Uropancreozymin .
Pancreozymin .
A peptide, of about 33 amino acids, secreted by the upper INTESTINAL MUCOSA and also found in the central nervous system. It causes gallbladder contraction, release of pancreatic exocrine (or digestive) enzymes, and affects other gastrointestinal functions. Cholecystokinin may be the mediator of satiety. .
Digestive System .
Ailmentary System .
Alimentary System .
Alimentary System .
Gastrointestinal System .
A group of organs stretching from the MOUTH to the ANUS, serving to breakdown foods, assimilate nutrients, and eliminate waste. In humans, the digestive system includes the GASTROINTESTINAL TRACT and the accessory glands (LIVER; BILIARY TRACT; PANCREAS). .
Sincalide .
Cholecystokinin Pancreozymin C-Terminal Octapeptide .
H-Asp-Tyr(SO3H)-Met-Gly-Trp-Met-Asp-Phe-NH2 .
Kinevac .
SQ-19,844 .
SQ-19844 .
Syncalide .
Cholecystokinin Pancreozymin C Terminal Octapeptide .
SQ 19,844 .
SQ 19844 .
SQ19,844 .
SQ19844 .
CCK-8 .
Cholecystokinin Octapeptide .
An octapeptide hormone present in the intestine and brain. When secreted from the gastric mucosa, it stimulates the release of bile from the gallbladder and digestive enzymes from the pancreas. .