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 DeCS Categories

D08 Enzymes and Coenzymes .
D08.811 Enzymes .
D08.811.277 Hydrolases .
D08.811.277.151 Aminohydrolases .
D08.811.277.151.486 Nucleoside Deaminases .
D08.811.277.151.486.250 Cytidine Deaminase .
D08.811.277.151.486.250.500 APOBEC Deaminases .
D08.811.277.151.486.250.500.500 APOBEC-1 Deaminase .
D12 Amino Acids, Peptides, and Proteins .
D12.644 Peptides .
D12.644.276 Intercellular Signaling Peptides and Proteins .
D12.644.276.374 Cytokines .
D12.644.276.374.750 Tumor Necrosis Factors .
D12.644.276.374.750.690 Tumor Necrosis Factor Ligand Superfamily Member 14 .
D12.776 Proteins .
D12.776.422 Hemeproteins .
D12.776.467 Intercellular Signaling Peptides and Proteins .
D12.776.467.374 Cytokines .
D12.776.467.374.750 Tumor Necrosis Factors .
D12.776.467.374.750.690 Tumor Necrosis Factor Ligand Superfamily Member 14 .
D12.776.476 Intracellular Signaling Peptides and Proteins .
D12.776.476.024 Adaptor Proteins, Signal Transducing .
D12.776.476.024.381 Homer Scaffolding Proteins .
D12.776.543 Membrane Proteins .
D12.776.543.750 Receptors, Cell Surface .
D12.776.543.750.705 Receptors, Immunologic .
D12.776.543.750.705.852 Receptors, Cytokine .
D12.776.543.750.705.852.760 Receptors, Tumor Necrosis Factor .
D12.776.543.750.705.852.760.500 Receptors, Tumor Necrosis Factor, Member 14 .
D12.776.543.750.830 Receptors, Virus .
D12.776.543.750.830.850 Receptors, Tumor Necrosis Factor, Member 14 .
D12.776.964 Viral Proteins .
D12.776.964.775 Retroviridae Proteins .
D12.776.964.775.562 Human Immunodeficiency Virus Proteins .
D23 Biological Factors .
D23.529 Intercellular Signaling Peptides and Proteins .
D23.529.374 Cytokines .
D23.529.374.750 Tumor Necrosis Factors .
D23.529.374.750.690 Tumor Necrosis Factor Ligand Superfamily Member 14 .
SP4 Environmental Health .
SP4.011 Science .
SP4.011.097 Chemistry .
SP4.011.097.036 Organic Chemicals .
SP4. Proteins .
 Synonyms & Historicals
Receptors, Tumor Necrosis Factor, Member 14 .
HVEM Protein .
HveA Protein .
Tumor Necrosis Factor Receptor Subfamily, Member 14 .
Entry Mediator, Herpesvirus .
Herpesvirus Entry Mediator .
Tumor Necrosis Factor Receptor Superfamily, Member 14 .
A novel member of the tumor-necrosis factor receptor family that can also mediate HERPES SIMPLEX VIRUS TYPE 1 entry into cells. It has specificity for TUMOR NECROSIS FACTOR LIGAND SUPERFAMILY MEMBER 14 and the homotrimeric form of LYMPHOTOXIN-ALPHA. The receptor is abundantly expressed on T-LYMPHOCYTES and may play a role in regulating lymphocyte activation. Signaling by the activated receptor occurs through its association with TNF RECEPTOR-ASSOCIATED FACTORS. .
Tumor Necrosis Factor Ligand Superfamily Member 14 .
HVEM-L Protein .
Herpesvirus Entry Mediator-Ligand Protein .
TNF Superfamily, Member 14 .
TNFSF14 Protein .
HVEM L Protein .
Herpesvirus Entry Mediator Ligand Protein .
LIGHT Protein .
A member of tumor necrosis factor superfamily found on activated LYMPHOCYTES and MONOCYTES. It occurs as transmembrane protein that can be cleaved to release a secreted form that specifically binds to LYMPHOTOXIN BETA RECEPTOR and TUMOR NECROSIS FACTOR RECEPTOR SUPERFAMILY, MEMBER 14. .
Proteins .
Protein Gene Products .
Proteins, Gene .
Gene Proteins .
Gene Products, Protein .
Linear POLYPEPTIDES that are synthesized on RIBOSOMES and may be further modified, crosslinked, cleaved, or assembled into complex proteins with several subunits. The specific sequence of AMINO ACIDS determines the shape the polypeptide will take, during PROTEIN FOLDING, and the function of the protein. .
Hemeproteins .
Heme Protein .
Heme Proteins .
Protein, Heme .
Proteins, Heme .
Proteins that contain an iron-porphyrin, or heme, prosthetic group resembling that of hemoglobin. (From Lehninger, Principles of Biochemistry, 1982, p480) .
APOBEC-1 Deaminase .
APOBEC-1 Protein .
APOBEC1 Deaminase .
APOBEC1 Protein .
Apo B mRNA Editing Protein .
ApoB mRNA Editing Catalytic Subunit .
Apolipoprotein B mRNA Editing Enzyme .
Apolipoprotein B mRNA Editing Enzyme, Catalytic Polypeptide 1 .
HEPR Protein .
APOBEC 1 Deaminase .
APOBEC 1 Protein .
Deaminase, APOBEC-1 .
Deaminase, APOBEC1 .
An APOBEC deaminase catalytic subunit of the apolipoprotein B (APOB) MESSENGER RNA (mRNA) editing enzyme complex that is involved in post-transcriptional editing of a CAA codon for GLYCINE to a UAA STOP CODON in the ApoB mRNA. It also functions in CGA (ARGININE) to UGA STOP CODON editing of NEUROFIBROMIN 1 mRNA and EPIGENETIC PROCESSES. .
Homer Scaffolding Proteins .
Homer 1 .
Homer 1 Proteins .
Homer 1C .
Homer 1C Proteins .
Homer 1a .
Homer 2 .
Homer 2 Proteins .
Homer 3 .
Homer 3 Proteins .
Homer Proteins .
Proteins, Homer .
Proteins, Homer 1 .
Proteins, Homer 1C .
Proteins, Homer 2 .
Proteins, Homer 3 .
Proteins, Homer Scaffolding .
Scaffolding Proteins, Homer .
Homer proteins belong to a family of adaptor and scaffold proteins which include Homer1, Homer2 and Homer3. Homer1 and Homer2 play a role in the regulation of calcium homeostasis, whereas Homer3 functions in stimulating changes in actin dynamics in neurons and T-cells. Homer proteins are best known as scaffold proteins at the post-synaptic density where they facilitate synaptic signaling. They function as a molecular switch in metabotropic glutamate receptor (MGluR) signaling, and are associated with human Fragile X syndrome. .
Human Immunodeficiency Virus Proteins .
HIV Gene Products .
Human Immunodeficiency Virus Gene Products .
HIV Proteins .
Proteins synthesized by HUMAN IMMUNODEFICIENCY VIRUSES such as the HIV-1 and HIV-2. .