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 DeCS Categories

B01 Eukaryota .
B01.650 Plants .
B01.650.560 Plants, Medicinal .
B01.650.940 Viridiplantae .
B01.650.940.800 Streptophyta .
B01.650.940.800.575 Embryophyta .
B01.650.940.800.575.912 Tracheophyta .
B01.650.940.800.575.912.250 Magnoliopsida .
B01.650.940.800.575.912.250.157 Brassicaceae .
D02 Organic Chemicals .
D02.078 Amidines .
D02.078.370 Guanidines .
D02.078.370.280 Creatine .
D12 Amino Acids, Peptides, and Proteins .
D12.125 Amino Acids .
D12.125.373 Creatine .
E02 Therapeutics .
E02.547 Hygiene .
E02.547.800 Skin Care .
E02.547.800.500 Skin Cream .
J01 Technology, Industry, and Agriculture .
J01.516 Household Products .
J01.516.213 Cosmetics .
J01.516.213.249 Skin Cream .
VS2 Health Surveillance of Products .
VS2.001 Control and Sanitary Supervision of Foods and Beverages .
VS2.001.001 Food 4276 .
VS2.001.001.002 Industrialized Foods .
VS2. Plant Creams .
 Synonyms & Historicals
Plant Creams .
Cream of Herbs .
Herb Cream .
Herb Creams .
Herbal Cream .
Vegetable Cream .
Herbal Creams .
Legume Creams .
Vegetable Creams .
Vegetable Purees .
Legume Purees .
Plant Purees .
Water/oil food in the form of cream or liquid plastic emulsion, produced from oils and/or edible vegetable fats, water and other ingredients, containing no more than 95 percent (w/w) and at least 10 per percent (w/w) total lipid. .
Plants, Medicinal .
Healing Plants .
Medicinal Plants .
Pharmaceutical Plants .
Healing Plant .
Herb, Medicinal .
Medicinal Herb .
Medicinal Plant .
Pharmaceutical Plant .
Plant, Healing .
Plant, Medicinal .
Plant, Pharmaceutical .
Plants, Healing .
Plants, Pharmaceutical .
Herbs, Medicinal .
Medicinal Herbs .
Herbs .
Plants whose roots, leaves, seeds, bark, or other constituent parts possess therapeutic, tonic, purgative, curative or other pharmacologic attributes, when administered to man or animals. .
Creatine .
An amino acid that occurs in vertebrate tissues and in urine. In muscle tissue, creatine generally occurs as phosphocreatine. Creatine is excreted as CREATININE in the urine. .
Brassicaceae .
Moricandia .
Cresses .
Moricandias .
Cruciferae .
Cress .
Eruca sativa .
Eruca vesicaria subsp. sativa .
Rocket Salad .
A plant family of the order Capparales, subclass Dilleniidae, class Magnoliopsida. They are mostly herbaceous plants with peppery-flavored leaves, due to gluconapin (GLUCOSINOLATES) and its hydrolysis product butenylisotrhiocyanate. The family includes many plants of economic importance that have been extensively altered and domesticated by humans. Flowers have 4 petals. Podlike fruits contain a number of seeds. Cress is a general term used for many in the Brassicacea family. Rockcress is usually ARABIS; Bittercress is usually CARDAMINE; Yellowcress is usually RORIPPA; Pennycress is usually THLASPI; Watercress refers to NASTURTIUM; or RORIPPA or TROPAEOLUM; Gardencress refers to LEPIDIUM; Indiancress refers to TROPAEOLUM. .
Skin Cream .
Dermal Cream .
Skin Lotion .
Cream, Dermal .
Cream, Skin .
Creams, Dermal .
Creams, Skin .
Dermal Creams .
Lotion, Skin .
Lotions, Skin .
Skin Creams .
Skin Lotions .
A water-soluble medicinal preparation applied to the skin. .