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 DeCS Categories

B04 Viruses .
B04.450 Hepatitis Viruses .
B04.450.420 Hepatovirus .
B04.450.420.410 Hepatitis A virus .
B04.450.420.410.500 Hepatitis A Virus, Human .
B04.820 RNA Viruses .
B04.820.565 Picornaviridae .
B04.820.565.400 Hepatovirus .
B04.820.565.400.410 Hepatitis A virus .
B04.820.565.400.410.500 Hepatitis A Virus, Human .
C02 Virus Diseases .
C02.440 Hepatitis, Viral, Human .
C06 Digestive System Diseases .
C06.552 Liver Diseases .
C06.552.380 Hepatitis .
C06.552.380.705 Hepatitis, Viral, Human .
D23 Biological Factors .
D23.050 Antigens .
D23.050.327 Antigens, Viral .
D23.050.327.495 Hepatitis Antigens .
D23.050.327.495.249 Hepatitis A Antigens .
SP4 Environmental Health .
SP4.001 Health .
SP4.001.012 Environmental Illness .
SP4.001.012.183 Virus Diseases .
SP4. Hepatitis .
SP4. Hepatitis, Viral, Human .
 Synonyms & Historicals
Hepatitis A Virus, Human .
Human hepatitis A virus .
A strain of HEPATITIS A VIRUS which causes hepatitis in humans. The virus replicates in hepatocytes and is presumed to reach the intestine via the bile duct. Transmission occurs by the fecal-oral route. .
Hepatitis A virus .
Hepatitis A viruses .
A species in the genus HEPATOVIRUS containing one serotype and two strains: HUMAN HEPATITIS A VIRUS and Simian hepatitis A virus causing hepatitis in humans (HEPATITIS A) and primates, respectively. .
Hepatitis A Antigens .
Hepatitis A Virus Antigens .
Antigens, Hepatitis A .
Antigens produced by various strains of HEPATITIS A VIRUS such as the human hepatitis A virus (HEPATITIS A VIRUS, HUMAN). .
Hepatitis, Viral, Human .
Viral Hepatitis, Human .
Human Viral Hepatitides .
Human Viral Hepatitis .
Viral Hepatitides, Human .
INFLAMMATION of the LIVER in humans due to infection by VIRUSES. There are several significant types of human viral hepatitis with infection caused by enteric-transmission (HEPATITIS A; HEPATITIS E) or blood transfusion (HEPATITIS B; HEPATITIS C; and HEPATITIS D). .