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 DeCS Categories

C10 Nervous System Diseases .
C10.597 Neurologic Manifestations .
C10.597.350 Dyskinesias .
C10.597.350.350 Hyperkinesis .
C23 Pathological Conditions, Signs and Symptoms .
C23.888 Signs and Symptoms .
C23.888.592 Neurologic Manifestations .
C23.888.592.350 Dyskinesias .
C23.888.592.350.350 Hyperkinesis .
G07 Physiological Phenomena .
G07.568 Movement .
G11 Musculoskeletal and Neural Physiological Phenomena .
G11.427 Musculoskeletal Physiological Phenomena .
G11.427.410 Movement .
G11.427.410.478 Head Movements .
 Synonyms & Historicals
Hyperkinesis .
Hyperkinesia .
Hyperkinesia, Generalized .
Hyperkinetic Movements .
Generalized Hyperkinesia .
Generalized Hyperkinesias .
Hyperkinesias, Generalized .
Hyperkinetic Movement .
Motor Hyperactivity .
Movement, Hyperkinetic .
Movements, Hyperkinetic .
Hyperactivity, Motor .
Excessive movement of muscles of the body as a whole, which may be associated with organic or psychological disorders. .
Movement .
Movements .
The act, process, or result of passing from one place or position to another. It differs from LOCOMOTION in that locomotion is restricted to the passing of the whole body from one place to another, while movement encompasses both locomotion but also a change of the position of the whole body or any of its parts. Movement may be used with reference to humans, vertebrate and invertebrate animals, and microorganisms. Differentiate also from MOTOR ACTIVITY, movement associated with behavior. .
Head Movements .
Head Movement .
Movement, Head .
Movements, Head .
Voluntary or involuntary motion of head that may be relative to or independent of body; includes animals and humans. .