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 DeCS Categories

C10 Nervous System Diseases .
C10.886 Sleep Wake Disorders .
C10.886.425 Dyssomnias .
C10.886.425.800 Sleep Disorders, Intrinsic .
C10.886.425.800.800 Sleep Initiation and Maintenance Disorders .
F03 Mental Disorders .
F03.870 Sleep Wake Disorders .
F03.870.400 Dyssomnias .
F03.870.400.800 Sleep Disorders, Intrinsic .
F03.870.400.800.800 Sleep Initiation and Maintenance Disorders .
HP1 Homeopathy .
HP1.007 Homeopathic Philosophy .
HP1.007.281 Pharmacodynamic Action of Homeopathic Remedy .
HP1.007.281.893 Rebound Effect .
 Synonyms & Historicals
Sleep Initiation and Maintenance Disorders .
Chronic Insomnia .
DIMS (Disorders of Initiating and Maintaining Sleep) .
Early Awakening .
Insomnia Disorder .
Nonorganic Insomnia .
Primary Insomnia .
Psychophysiological Insomnia .
Rebound Insomnia .
Secondary Insomnia .
Sleep Initiation Dysfunction .
Transient Insomnia .
Awakening, Early .
Dysfunction, Sleep Initiation .
Dysfunctions, Sleep Initiation .
Insomnia Disorders .
Insomnia, Chronic .
Insomnia, Nonorganic .
Insomnia, Primary .
Insomnia, Psychophysiological .
Insomnia, Rebound .
Insomnia, Secondary .
Insomnia, Transient .
Insomnias .
Sleep Initiation Dysfunctions .
Insomnia .
Disorders of Initiating and Maintaining Sleep .
Sleeplessness .
Disorders characterized by impairment of the ability to initiate or maintain sleep. This may occur as a primary disorder or in association with another medical or psychiatric condition. .
Rebound Effect .
Paradoxical reaction of the organism to the primary (direct) effect of the medicine, producing opposite effect and increased after discontinuation or cessation of treatment. In homeopathy, it corresponds to the secondary (indirect) effect of the organism, used as curative response when the therapeutic similitude principle is applied. .