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 DeCS Categories

D06 Hormones, Hormone Substitutes, and Hormone Antagonists .
D06.472 Hormones .
D06.472.699 Peptide Hormones .
D06.472.699.587 Pancreatic Hormones .
D06.472.699.587.334 Islet Amyloid Polypeptide .
D12 Amino Acids, Peptides, and Proteins .
D12.644 Peptides .
D12.644.548 Peptide Hormones .
D12.644.548.586 Pancreatic Hormones .
D12.644.548.586.234 Islet Amyloid Polypeptide .
D12.776 Proteins .
D12.776.049 Amyloid .
D12.776.049.407 Amyloidogenic Proteins .
D12.776.049.407.249 Amyloid beta-Protein Precursor .
D12.776.049.407.500 Islet Amyloid Polypeptide .
D12.776.049.407.750 Serum Amyloid A Protein .
D12.776.124 Blood Proteins .
D12.776.124.050 Acute-Phase Proteins .
D12.776.124.050.725 Serum Amyloid A Protein .
D12.776.543 Membrane Proteins .
D12.776.543.039 Amyloid beta-Protein Precursor .
D12.776.645 Proteinase Inhibitory Proteins, Secretory .
D12.776.645.468 Protease Nexins .
D12.776.645.468.500 Amyloid beta-Protein Precursor .
D12.776.811 Protein Precursors .
D12.776.811.050 Amyloid beta-Protein Precursor .
 Synonyms & Historicals
Islet Amyloid Polypeptide .
Amlintide .
Amylin .
IAPP Precursor .
IAPP Protein .
Insulinoma Amyloid Polypeptide .
Insulinoma Amyloid Polypeptide Precursor .
Islet Amyloid Polypeptide Precursor .
Pancreatic Amylin .
Amylin, Pancreatic .
Amyloid Polypeptide, Insulinoma .
Amyloid Polypeptide, Islet .
Polypeptide, Insulinoma Amyloid .
Polypeptide, Islet Amyloid .
A pancreatic beta-cell hormone that is co-secreted with INSULIN. It displays an anorectic effect on nutrient metabolism by inhibiting gastric acid secretion, gastric emptying and postprandial GLUCAGON secretion. Islet amyloid polypeptide can fold into AMYLOID FIBRILS that have been found as a major constituent of pancreatic AMYLOID DEPOSITS. .
Serum Amyloid A Protein .
Amyloid A Precursor .
Amyloid A Protein .
Amyloid A Protein-Related Serum Component .
Amyloid Fibril Protein AA .
Amyloid Protein AA .
Amyloid Protein AA Precursor .
Amyloid-Related Serum Protein (SAA) .
Serum Amyloid A .
Serum Amyloid Protein A .
Amyloid A Protein Related Serum Component .
Amyloid Protein SAA .
Amyloid Serum Protein SAA .
Serum A Related Protein .
Protein AA .
Serum Amyloid Protein A .
Amyloid Protein AA .
Amyloid A Protein .
Amyloid Fibril Protein AA .
An ACUTE PHASE REACTION protein present in low concentrations in normal sera, but found at higher concentrations in sera of older persons and in patients with AMYLOIDOSIS. It is the circulating precusor of amyloid A protein, which is found deposited in AA type AMYLOID FIBRILS. .
Amyloid beta-Protein Precursor .
Amyloid beta Precursor Protein .
Protease Nexin 2 .
Protease Nexin II .
Amyloid beta Protein Precursor .
Nexin 2, Protease .
Nexin II, Protease .
beta Amyloid Protein Precursor .
beta-Protein Precursor, Amyloid .
beta-Amyloid Protein Precursor .
Amyloid Protein Precursor .
Amyloid A4 Protein Precursor .
A single-pass type I membrane protein. It is cleaved by AMYLOID PRECURSOR PROTEIN SECRETASES to produce peptides of varying amino acid lengths. A 39-42 amino acid peptide, AMYLOID BETA-PEPTIDES is a principal component of the extracellular amyloid in SENILE PLAQUES. .