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 DeCS Categories

I01 Social Sciences .
I01.261 Economics .
I01.261.750 Resource Allocation .
N02 Health Care Facilities, Manpower, and Services .
N02.421 Health Services .
N02.421.668 Pharmaceutical Services .
N03 Health Care Economics and Organizations .
N03.219 Economics .
N03.219.521 Financing, Organized .
N03.219.521.576 Insurance .
N03.219.521.576.130 Insurance Benefits .
N03.219.521.576.343 Insurance, Health .
N03.219.521.576.343.575 Insurance, Pharmaceutical Services .
SP1 Health Policy, Planning and Management .
SP1.001 Public Health Policy .
SP1.001.012 Health Systems .
SP2 Health Care (Public Health) .
SP2.016 Delivery of Health Care .
SP2.016.152 Pharmaceutical Services .
SP2.031 Health Services .
SP2.031.297 Pharmaceutical Services .
 Synonyms & Historicals
Insurance, Pharmaceutical Services .
Insurance, Pharmaceutic Services .
Insurance, Pharmacy Services .
Pharmaceutic Services Insurance .
Pharmaceutical Services Insurance .
Pharmacy Services Insurance .
Drug Benefit Plan .
Insurance, Drug .
Insurance, Prescription .
Plan, Drug Benefit .
Plans, Drug Benefit .
Drug Benefit Plans .
Drug Insurance .
Prescription Insurance .
Insurance providing for payment of services rendered by the pharmacist. Services include the preparation and distribution of medical products. .
Pharmaceutical Services .
Pharmaceutic Services .
Pharmaceutical Care .
Pharmacy Services .
Services, Pharmaceutic .
Services, Pharmaceutical .
Services, Pharmacy .
Care, Pharmaceutical .
Pharmaceutic Service .
Pharmaceutical Service .
Pharmacy Service .
Service, Pharmaceutic .
Service, Pharmaceutical .
Service, Pharmacy .
Pharmaceutical Care .
Pharmaceutical Assistance .
Total pharmaceutical services provided by qualified PHARMACISTS. In addition to the preparation and distribution of medical products, they may include consultative services provided to agencies and institutions which do not have a qualified pharmacist. .
Insurance Benefits .
Insurance Beneficiary .
Beneficiaries, Insurance .
Beneficiary, Insurance .
Benefit, Health .
Benefit, Insurance .
Benefits, Health .
Benefits, Insurance .
Health Benefit .
Insurance Beneficiaries .
Insurance Benefit .
Health Benefits .
Payments or services provided under stated circumstances under the terms of an insurance policy. In prepayment programs, benefits are the services the programs will provide at defined locations and to the extent needed. .
Resource Allocation .
Allocation, Resource .
Allocations, Resource .
Efficiency, Allocative .
Resource Allocations .
Resources Allocation .
Allocation of Resources .
Allocative Efficiency .
Rationalization of Resources .
Rationalization of Services .
Rationalization (Public Health) .
Reallocation of Resources .
Distribution of Goods and Services .
Societal or individual decisions about the equitable distribution of available resources. .
Health Systems .
Health System .
Network of services with the aim to provide the population an optimum level of health, to protect the risk of illness, to meet the individual needs of health and to distribute health services equitably. Its functions include the provision of health services, financing, resource generation, supervision and regulation. .