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 DeCS Categories

E07 Equipment and Supplies .
E07.325 Equipment and Supplies, Hospital .
E07.325.755 Patient Isolators .
G02 Chemical Phenomena .
G02.111 Biochemical Phenomena .
G02.111.570 Molecular Structure .
G02.111.570.080 Base Sequence .
G02.111.570.080.708 Repetitive Sequences, Nucleic Acid .
G02.111.570.080.708.330 Interspersed Repetitive Sequences .
G02.111.570.080.708.330.330 Genomic Islands .
G05 Genetic Phenomena .
G05.360 Genetic Structures .
G05.360.080 Base Sequence .
G05.360.080.708 Repetitive Sequences, Nucleic Acid .
G05.360.080.708.330 Interspersed Repetitive Sequences .
G05.360.080.708.330.330 Genomic Islands .
G05.360.340 Genome .
G05.360.340.024 Genome Components .
G05.360.340.024.425 Interspersed Repetitive Sequences .
G05.360.340.024.425.500 Genomic Islands .
G16 Biological Phenomena .
G16.500 Ecological and Environmental Phenomena .
G16.500.275 Environment .
G16.500.275.505 Islands .
K01 Humanities .
K01.844 Religion .
K01.844.275 Islam .
N06 Environment and Public Health .
N06.230 Environment .
N06.230.295 Islands .
VS2 Health Surveillance of Products .
VS2.006 Control and Sanitary Supervision of Equipment and Supplies .
VS2.006.002 Equipment and Supplies, Hospital .
VS2.006.002.006 Patient Isolators .
Z01 Geographic Locations .
Z01.252 Asia 946 .
Z01.252.474 Far East .
Z01.252.474.463 Japan .
Z01.252.474.463.709 Tokyo .
Z01.433 Cities .
Z01.433.900 Tokyo .
Z01.542 Europe .
Z01.542.816 Scandinavian and Nordic Countries .
Z01.542.816.186 Finland .
Z01.542.846 Spain .
Z01.639 Islands .
Z01.639.520 Indian Ocean Islands .
Z01.639.520.200 Comoros .
 Synonyms & Historicals
Islands .
Tracts of land completely surrounded by water. .
Islam .
Islamic Ethics .
Ethic, Islamic .
Ethics, Islamic .
Islamic Ethic .
Muslim .
Mohammedanism .
Muslims .
A monotheistic religion promulgated by the Prophet Mohammed with Allah as the deity. .
Finland .
Aland Islands .
Åland Islands .
A country in northern Europe, bordering the Baltic Sea, Gulf of Bothnia, and Gulf of Finland, between Sweden and Russia. The capital is Helsinki. .
Comoros .
Comoro Islands .
Iles Comores .
Mayotte .
A group of Indian Ocean Islands, the islands of Great Comoro, Anjouan, Mayotte, and Moheli, lying between northeast Mozambique and northwest Madagascar. The capital is Moroni. In 1914 they became a colony attached to Madagascar administratively and were made a French overseas territory in 1947. Except for Mayotte which remained French, Comoros became an independent republic in 1975. Comoros represents the Arabic qamar, moon, said by some scholars to be linked with the mystical Mountains of the Moon said to be somewhere in equatorial Africa. (From Webster's New Geographical Dictionary, 1988, p283 & Room, Brewer's Dictionary of Names, 1992, p122) .
Tokyo .
Bonin Islands .
Spain .
Balearic Islands .
Canary Islands .
Country located between France on the northeast and Portugal on the west and bordered by the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. The capital is Madrid. .
Patient Isolators .
Island, Life .
Islands, Life .
Isolator, Patient .
Isolators, Patient .
Life Island .
Patient Isolator .
Life Islands .
Equipment used to prevent contamination of and by patients, especially those with bacterial infections. This includes plastic surgical isolators and isolators used to protect immunocompromised patients. .
Genomic Islands .
Anchored Genomic Islands .
Genomic Islets .
Pathogenicity Islets .
Symbiosis Islands .
Symbiosis Islets .
Anchored Genomic Island .
Genomic Island .
Genomic Island, Anchored .
Genomic Islands, Anchored .
Genomic Islet .
Island, Anchored Genomic .
Island, Genomic .
Island, Pathogenicity .
Island, Symbiosis .
Islands, Anchored Genomic .
Islands, Genomic .
Islands, Pathogenicity .
Islands, Symbiosis .
Islet, Genomic .
Islet, Pathogenicity .
Islet, Symbiosis .
Islets, Genomic .
Islets, Pathogenicity .
Islets, Symbiosis .
Pathogenicity Island .
Pathogenicity Islet .
Symbiosis Island .
Symbiosis Islet .
Pathogenicity Islands .
Distinct units in some bacterial, bacteriophage or plasmid GENOMES that are types of MOBILE GENETIC ELEMENTS. Encoded in them are a variety of fitness conferring genes, such as VIRULENCE FACTORS (in "pathogenicity islands or islets"), ANTIBIOTIC RESISTANCE genes, or genes required for SYMBIOSIS (in "symbiosis islands or islets"). They range in size from 10 - 500 kilobases, and their GC CONTENT and CODON usage differ from the rest of the genome. They typically contain an INTEGRASE gene, although in some cases this gene has been deleted resulting in "anchored genomic islands". .