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 DeCS Categories

D03 Heterocyclic Compounds .
D03.383 Heterocyclic Compounds, 1-Ring .
D03.383.663 Pyrans .
D03.383.663.283 Benzopyrans .
D03.383.663.283.266 Chromones .
D03.383.663.283.266.450 Flavonoids .
D03.383.663.283.266.450.268 Flavonolignans .
D03.383.663.283.266.450.268.777 Silymarin .
D03.633 Heterocyclic Compounds, Fused-Ring .
D03.633.100 Heterocyclic Compounds, 2-Ring .
D03.633.100.150 Benzopyrans .
D03.633.100.150.266 Chromones .
D03.633. Flavonoids .
D03.633. Flavonolignans .
D03.633. Silymarin .
I01 Social Sciences .
I01.880 Sociology .
I01.880.604 Social Control, Formal .
I01.880.604.473 Human Rights .
I01.880.604.473.352 Civil Rights .
N01 Population Characteristics .
N01.824 Socioeconomic Factors .
N01.824.245 Employment .
N01.824.245.600 Personnel Downsizing .
N03 Health Care Economics and Organizations .
N03.706 Social Control, Formal .
N03.706.437 Human Rights .
N03.706.437.352 Civil Rights .
N04 Health Services Administration .
N04.452 Organization and Administration .
N04.452.677 Personnel Management .
N04.452.677.450 Personnel Downsizing .
SP3 Population Studies in Public Health .
SP3.001 Population .
SP3.001.005 Interpersonal Relations .
SP3.001.005.010 Social Norms .
SP3. Social Control, Formal .
SP3. Human Rights .
SP3. Civil Rights .
SP4 Environmental Health .
SP4.016 Water Resources .
SP4.016.192 Water Rights .
SP4.016.192.088 Maritime Rights .
SP8 Disasters .
SP8.946 Disaster Management .
SP8.946.468 Disaster Legislation .
SP8.946.468.514 Maritime Rights .
SP9 Health Law .
SP9.020 Human Rights .
SP9.020.010 Right to Health .
SP9.020.010.080 Aged Rights .
SP9.020.020 Civil Rights .
SP9.020.070 Linguistic Rights .
SP9.090 Enacted Statutes .
 Synonyms & Historicals
Civil Rights .
Equal Protection .
Legal Rights .
Voting Rights .
Civil Right .
Legal Right .
Protection, Equal .
Right, Civil .
Right, Legal .
Right, Voting .
Rights, Civil .
Rights, Legal .
Rights, Voting .
Voting Right .
Right to Justice .
Right to Dignity .
Civil and Political Rights .
Political Rights .
Civil Liberties .
Due Process .
Suffrage .
Enfranchisement .
Right to a Fair Trial .
Right to an Impartial Trial .
Legal guarantee protecting the individual from attack on personal liberties, right to fair trial, right to vote, and freedom from discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, age, disability, or national origin. (from accessed 1/31/2003) .
Silymarin .
Carsil .
Karsil .
Legalon .
Silimarin .
A mixture of flavonoids extracted from seeds of the MILK THISTLE, Silybum marianum. It consists primarily of silybin and its isomers, silicristin and silidianin. Silymarin displays antioxidant and membrane stabilizing activity. It protects various tissues and organs against chemical injury, and shows potential as an antihepatoxic agent. .
Linguistic Rights .
Linguistic rights are the human and civil rights concerning the individual and collective right to choose the language or languages for communication in a private or public atmosphere. Other parameters for analyzing linguistic rights include the degree of territoriality, amount of positivity, orientation in terms of assimilation or maintenance, and overtness. (From: Extra, G., and Yağmur, K. (2004). "Language rights perspectives". [cited in Linguistic Rights. Available in:]) .
Maritime Rights .
Law of the Sea .
Sea Rights .
The system of international laws and regulations governing the marine areas and their utilization, and the persons associated with such activity. (Material V - Gunn, S.W.A. Multilingual Dictionary of Disaster Medicine and International Relief, 1990) .
Enacted Statutes .
Normative Acts .
Legal Rules .
Legal Standards .
Acts edited by the STATE to regulate rights and duties. .
Aged Rights .
Aged Advocacy .
Promotion and protection of the rights of AGED people; frequently through a legal process. .
Personnel Downsizing .
Downsizing, Personnel .
Downsizing, Staff .
Rightsizing .
Staff Downsizing .
Reducing staff to cut costs or to achieve greater efficiency. .