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 DeCS Categories

E02 Therapeutics .
E02.190 Complementary Therapies .
E02.190.525 Mind-Body Therapies .
F02 Psychological Phenomena .
F02.463 Mental Processes .
F02.463.509 Mind-Body Relations, Metaphysical .
VS3 Health Surveillance of Health Services .
VS3.003 Delivery of Health Care .
VS3.003.001 Patient Care .
VS3.003.001.006 Therapeutics .
 Synonyms & Historicals
Mind-Body Therapies .
Mind-Body Medicine .
Mind Body Medicine .
Mind Body Therapies .
Mind-Body Therapy .
Therapies, Mind-Body .
Therapy, Mind-Body .
Mind-Body and Relaxation Techniques .
Mind Body and Relaxation Techniques .
Treatment methods or techniques which are based on the knowledge of mind and body interactions. These techniques can be used to reduce the feeling of tension and effect of stress, and to enhance the physiological and psychological well-being of an individual. .
Therapeutics .
Therapy .
Treatment .
Therapeutic .
Therapies .
Treatments .
Procedures concerned with the remedial treatment or prevention of diseases. .
Mind-Body Relations, Metaphysical .
Body-Mind Relations .
Soul-Body Relations .
Body Mind Relations .
Body-Mind Relation .
Metaphysical Mind-Body Relation .
Metaphysical Mind-Body Relations .
Mind Body Relations (Metaphysics) .
Mind Body Relations (Non Physiology) .
Mind Body Relations, Metaphysical .
Mind-Body Relation (Metaphysics) .
Mind-Body Relation (Non-Physiology) .
Mind-Body Relation, Metaphysical .
Relation, Body-Mind .
Relation, Metaphysical Mind-Body .
Relation, Mind-Body (Metaphysics) .
Relation, Mind-Body (Non-Physiology) .
Relation, Soul-Body .
Relations, Body-Mind .
Relations, Metaphysical Mind-Body .
Relations, Mind-Body (Metaphysics) .
Relations, Mind-Body (Non-Physiology) .
Relations, Soul-Body .
Soul Body Relations .
Soul-Body Relation .
Mind-Body Relations (Metaphysics) .
Mind-Body Relations (Non-Physiology) .
The relation between the mind and the body in a religious, social, spiritual, behavioral, and metaphysical context. This concept is significant in the field of alternative medicine. It differs from the relationship between physiologic processes and behavior where the emphasis is on the body's physiology ( = PSYCHOPHYSIOLOGY). .