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 DeCS Categories

C05 Musculoskeletal Diseases .
C05.651 Muscular Diseases .
C10 Nervous System Diseases .
C10.597 Neurologic Manifestations .
C10.597.613 Neuromuscular Manifestations .
C10.668 Neuromuscular Diseases .
C10.668.491 Muscular Diseases .
C22 Animal Diseases .
C22.595 Muscular Dystrophy, Animal .
C22.595.740 White Muscle Disease .
C23 Pathological Conditions, Signs and Symptoms .
C23.888 Signs and Symptoms .
C23.888.592 Neurologic Manifestations .
C23.888.592.608 Neuromuscular Manifestations .
 Synonyms & Historicals
Neuromuscular Manifestations .
Manifestations, Muscle Disease .
Neuromuscular Signs and Symptoms .
Signs and Symptoms, Neuromuscular .
Disease Manifestation, Muscle .
Disease Manifestations, Muscle .
Manifestation, Muscle Disease .
Manifestation, Neuromuscular .
Manifestations, Neuromuscular .
Muscle Disease Manifestation .
Neuromuscular Manifestation .
Muscle Disease Manifestations .
Signs and symptoms associated with diseases of the muscle, neuromuscular junction, or peripheral nerves. .
Muscular Diseases .
Myopathic Conditions .
Muscle Disorder .
Muscular Disease .
Myopathic Condition .
Myopathy .
Muscle Disorders .
Myopathies .
Acquired, familial, and congenital disorders of SKELETAL MUSCLE and SMOOTH MUSCLE. .
White Muscle Disease .
Disease, White Muscle .
Diseases, White Muscle .
Muscle Disease, White .
Muscle Diseases, White .
White Muscle Diseases .
A myodegeneration most frequent in calves and lambs whose dams have been fed during gestation or longer on feeds, especially legumes (FABACEAE), grown in certain areas where selenium is either deficient or unavailable in the soil. It has been recorded in many countries. It has been produced experimentally in several species of animals on low-selenium intake. A similar myopathy occurs naturally in goats, deer, foals, and dogs but proof of the etiology is lacking. (Merck Veterinary Manual, 5th ed) .