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 DeCS Categories

C01 Bacterial Infections and Mycoses .
C01.539 Infection .
C01.539.100 Arthritis, Infectious .
C01.539.100.500 Arthritis, Reactive .
C04 Neoplasms .
C04.588 Neoplasms by Site .
C04.588.614 Nervous System Neoplasms .
C04.588.614.550 Paraneoplastic Syndromes, Nervous System .
C04.588.614.550.550 Myelitis, Transverse .
C04.730 Paraneoplastic Syndromes .
C04.730.856 Paraneoplastic Syndromes, Nervous System .
C04.730.856.543 Myelitis, Transverse .
C05 Musculoskeletal Diseases .
C05.116 Bone Diseases .
C05.116.900 Spinal Diseases .
C05.116.900.853 Spondylitis .
C05.116.900.853.625 Spondylarthritis .
C05.116.900.853.625.800 Spondylarthropathies .
C05.116.900.853.625.800.637 Arthritis, Reactive .
C05.550 Joint Diseases .
C05.550.114 Arthritis .
C05.550.114.099 Arthritis, Infectious .
C05.550.114.099.500 Arthritis, Reactive .
C05.550.114.865 Spondylarthritis .
C05.550.114.865.800 Spondylarthropathies .
C05.550.114.865.800.637 Arthritis, Reactive .
C10 Nervous System Diseases .
C10.114 Autoimmune Diseases of the Nervous System .
C10.114.375 Demyelinating Autoimmune Diseases, CNS .
C10.114.375.225 Encephalomyelitis, Acute Disseminated .
C10.114.375.600 Myelitis, Transverse .
C10.228 Central Nervous System Diseases .
C10.228.140 Brain Diseases .
C10.228.140.695 Leukoencephalopathies .
C10.228.140.695.562 Demyelinating Autoimmune Diseases, CNS .
C10.228.140.695.562.225 Encephalomyelitis, Acute Disseminated .
C10.228.228 Central Nervous System Infections .
C10.228.228.618 Myelitis .
C10.228.228.618.250 Myelitis, Transverse .
C10.228.854 Spinal Cord Diseases .
C10.228.854.525 Myelitis .
C10.228.854.525.553 Myelitis, Transverse .
C10.314 Demyelinating Diseases .
C10.314.350 Demyelinating Autoimmune Diseases, CNS .
C10.314.350.225 Encephalomyelitis, Acute Disseminated .
C10.314.350.600 Myelitis, Transverse .
C10.574 Neurodegenerative Diseases .
C10.574.781 Paraneoplastic Syndromes, Nervous System .
C10.574.781.625 Myelitis, Transverse .
C20 Immune System Diseases .
C20.111 Autoimmune Diseases .
C20.111.258 Autoimmune Diseases of the Nervous System .
C20.111.258.250 Demyelinating Autoimmune Diseases, CNS .
C20. Encephalomyelitis, Acute Disseminated .
C20. Myelitis, Transverse .
 Synonyms & Historicals
Myelitis, Transverse .
Myelitis, Acute Transverse .
Myelitis, Necrotizing .
Myelitis, Paraneoplastic .
Myelitis, Postinfectious .
Myelitis, Postvaccinal .
Myelitis, Subacute Transverse .
Postinfectious Myelitis .
Transverse Myelopathy Syndrome .
Acute Transverse Myelitis .
Myelitides, Subacute Transverse .
Myelitis, Demyelinative .
Necrotizing Myelitis .
Paraneoplastic Myelitis .
Postvaccinal Myelitis .
Subacute Transverse Myelitis .
Transverse Myelitis, Acute .
Transverse Myelitis, Subacute .
Transverse Myelopathy Syndromes .
Demyelinative Myelitis .
Transverse Myelitis .
Inflammation of a transverse portion of the spinal cord characterized by acute or subacute segmental demyelination or necrosis. The condition may occur sporadically, follow an infection or vaccination, or present as a paraneoplastic syndrome (see also ENCEPHALOMYELITIS, ACUTE DISSEMINATED). Clinical manifestations include motor weakness, sensory loss, and incontinence. (Adams et al., Principles of Neurology, 6th ed, pp1242-6) .
Myelitis .
Infectious Myelitis .
Inflammation, Spinal Cord .
Subacute Necrotising Myelitis .
Inflammations, Spinal Cord .
Inflammatory Myelopathies .
Inflammatory Myelopathy .
Myelitides .
Myelitis, Infectious .
Myelitis, Subacute Necrotising .
Myelopathies, Inflammatory .
Necrotising Myelitis, Subacute .
Spinal Cord Inflammations .
Myelopathy, Inflammatory .
Spinal Cord Inflammation .
Inflammation of the spinal cord. Relatively common etiologies include infections; AUTOIMMUNE DISEASES; SPINAL CORD; and ischemia (see also SPINAL CORD VASCULAR DISEASES). Clinical features generally include weakness, sensory loss, localized pain, incontinence, and other signs of autonomic dysfunction. .
Encephalomyelitis, Acute Disseminated .
Acute Disseminated Encephalomyelitis .
Disseminated Encephalomyelitis, Acute .
Encephalitis, Postvaccinal .
Encephalitis, Vaccination .
Encephalomyelitis, Postexanthem .
Encephalomyelitis, Postinfectious .
Post-Vaccinal Encephalitis .
Postexanthem Encephalomyelitis .
Postvaccinal Encephalitis .
Acute Disseminated Encephalomyelitides .
Disseminated Encephalomyelitides, Acute .
Encephalitides, Post-Vaccinal .
Encephalitis, Post Vaccinal .
Encephalomyelitides, Acute Disseminated .
Encephalomyelitides, Post-Vaccinal .
Encephalomyelitis, Post-Vaccinal .
Post Vaccinal Encephalitis .
Post Vaccinal Encephalomyelitis .
Post-Vaccinal Encephalitides .
Post-Vaccinal Encephalomyelitides .
Vaccination Encephalitis .
Encephalitis, Post-Vaccinal .
Post-Vaccinal Encephalomyelitis .
Postinfectious Encephalomyelitis .
An acute or subacute inflammatory process of the CENTRAL NERVOUS SYSTEM characterized histologically by multiple foci of perivascular demyelination. Symptom onset usually occurs several days after an acute viral infection or immunization, but it may coincide with the onset of infection or rarely no antecedent event can be identified. Clinical manifestations include CONFUSION, somnolence, FEVER, nuchal rigidity, and involuntary movements. The illness may progress to COMA and eventually be fatal. (Adams et al., Principles of Neurology, 6th ed, p921) .
Arthritis, Reactive .
Arthritis, Post-Infectious .
Post-Infectious Arthritis .
Postinfectious Arthritis .
Reactive Arthritis .
Reiter Disease .
Reiter Syndrome .
Reiter's Disease .
Arthritides, Post-Infectious .
Arthritides, Postinfectious .
Arthritides, Reactive .
Arthritis, Post Infectious .
Disease, Reiter .
Disease, Reiter's .
Post Infectious Arthritis .
Post-Infectious Arthritides .
Postinfectious Arthritides .
Reactive Arthritides .
Reiters Disease .
Syndrome, Reiter .
Arthritis, Postinfectious .
Reiter's Disease .
Reiter Disease .
Reiter Syndrome .
An aseptic, inflammatory arthritis developing secondary to a primary extra-articular infection, most typically of the GASTROINTESTINAL TRACT or UROGENITAL SYSTEM. The initiating trigger pathogens are usually SHIGELLA; SALMONELLA; YERSINIA; CAMPYLOBACTER; or CHLAMYDIA TRACHOMATIS. Reactive arthritis is strongly associated with HLA-B27 ANTIGEN. .