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 DeCS Categories

C10 Nervous System Diseases .
C10.574 Neurodegenerative Diseases .
C10.574.500 Heredodegenerative Disorders, Nervous System .
C16 Congenital, Hereditary, and Neonatal Diseases and Abnormalities .
C16.320 Genetic Diseases, Inborn .
C16.320.400 Heredodegenerative Disorders, Nervous System .
 Synonyms & Historicals
Neurodegenerative Diseases .
Degenerative Diseases, Central Nervous System .
Degenerative Diseases, Neurologic .
Degenerative Diseases, Spinal Cord .
Degenerative Neurologic Diseases .
Degenerative Neurologic Disorders .
Nervous System Degenerative Diseases .
Neurodegenerative Disorders .
Neurologic Degenerative Conditions .
Neurologic Degenerative Diseases .
Neurologic Diseases, Degenerative .
Degenerative Condition, Neurologic .
Degenerative Conditions, Neurologic .
Degenerative Neurologic Disease .
Degenerative Neurologic Disorder .
Neurodegenerative Disease .
Neurodegenerative Disorder .
Neurologic Degenerative Condition .
Neurologic Degenerative Disease .
Neurologic Disease, Degenerative .
Neurologic Disorder, Degenerative .
Neurologic Disorders, Degenerative .
Degenerative Diseases, Nervous System .
Hereditary and sporadic conditions which are characterized by progressive nervous system dysfunction. These disorders are often associated with atrophy of the affected central or peripheral nervous system structures. .
Heredodegenerative Disorders, Nervous System .
Degenerative Hereditary Diseases, Nervous System .
Hereditary Neurodegenerative Diseases .
Hereditary-Degenerative Disorders, Nervous System .
Nervous System Degenerative Hereditary Diseases .
Nervous System Hereditary Degenerative Diseases .
Disease, Hereditary Neurodegenerative .
Disease, Neurodegenerative Hereditary .
Diseases, Hereditary Neurodegenerative .
Diseases, Neurodegenerative Hereditary .
Hereditary Degenerative Disorders, Nervous System .
Hereditary Disease, Neurodegenerative .
Hereditary Neurodegenerative Disease .
Neurodegenerative Disease, Hereditary .
Neurodegenerative Hereditary Disease .
Neurodegenerative Hereditary Diseases .
Degenerative Disease, Nervous System, Hereditary .
Degenerative Hereditary Disorders, Nervous System .
Hereditary Diseases, Neurodegenerative .
Nervous System Diseases, Degenerative, Hereditary .
Neurodegenerative Diseases, Hereditary .
Inherited disorders characterized by progressive atrophy and dysfunction of anatomically or physiologically related neurologic systems. .