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 DeCS Categories

A06 Endocrine System .
A06.688 Neurosecretory Systems .
A08 Nervous System .
A08.713 Neurosecretory Systems .
A11 Cells .
A11.382 Endocrine Cells .
A11.382.944 Neuroendocrine Cells .
C04 Neoplasms .
C04.557 Neoplasms by Histologic Type .
C04.557.465 Neoplasms, Germ Cell and Embryonal .
C04.557.465.625 Neuroectodermal Tumors .
C04.557.465.625.650 Neuroendocrine Tumors .
C04.557.580 Neoplasms, Nerve Tissue .
C04.557.580.625 Neuroectodermal Tumors .
C04.557.580.625.650 Neuroendocrine Tumors .
H01 Natural Science Disciplines .
H01.158 Biological Science Disciplines .
H01.158.610 Neurosciences .
H01.158.610.160 Neuroendocrinology .
H01.158.782 Physiology .
H01.158.782.323 Endocrinology .
H01.158.782.323.200 Neuroendocrinology .
 Synonyms & Historicals
Neuroendocrine Tumors .
Neuroendocrine Tumor .
Tumor, Neuroendocrine .
Tumors, Neuroendocrine .
Tumors whose cells possess secretory granules and originate from the neuroectoderm, i.e., the cells of the ectoblast or epiblast that program the neuroendocrine system. Common properties across most neuroendocrine tumors include ectopic hormone production (often via APUD CELLS), the presence of tumor-associated antigens, and isozyme composition. .
Neuroendocrine Cells .
Endocrine Neurons .
Cell, Neuroendocrine .
Cells, Neuroendocrine .
Endocrine Neuron .
Neuroendocrine Cell .
Neuron, Endocrine .
Neurons, Endocrine .
Specialized NEURONS that produce hormones, such as NEUROPEPTIDES or BIOGENIC AMINES. They generally are in the NERVOUS SYSTEM, such as HYPOTHALAMUS, but can be found in other organs or systems. These neurons contain dense neurosecretory granules and PROPROTEIN CONVERTASES allowing the rapidly release of NEUROHORMONES into the blood circulation upon stimulation. .
Neuroendocrinology .
The study of the anatomical and functional relationships between the nervous system and the endocrine system. .
Neurosecretory Systems .
Neuroendocrine Systems .
Neurosecretory System .
System, Neuroendocrine .
System, Neurosecretory .
Systems, Neuroendocrine .
Systems, Neurosecretory .
Neuroendocrine System .
A system of NEURONS that has the specialized function to produce and secrete HORMONES, and that constitutes, in whole or in part, an ENDOCRINE SYSTEM or organ. .