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 DeCS Categories

E01 Diagnosis .
E01.370 Diagnostic Techniques and Procedures .
E01.370.370 Diagnostic Techniques, Cardiovascular .
E01.370.370.680 Pulse Wave Analysis .
G01 Physical Phenomena .
G01.311 Geological Phenomena .
G01.311.625 Oceans and Seas .
G16 Biological Phenomena .
G16.500 Ecological and Environmental Phenomena .
G16.500.275 Environment .
G16.500.275.725 Saline Waters .
G16.500.275.725.500 Seawater .
G16.500.275.725.500.650 Oceans and Seas .
H01 Natural Science Disciplines .
H01.158 Biological Science Disciplines .
H01.158.273 Biology .
H01.158.273.248 Ecology .
H01. Hydrobiology .
H01. Marine Biology .
H01.277 Earth Sciences .
H01.277.249 Ecology .
H01.277.249.750 Hydrobiology .
H01.277.249.750.500 Marine Biology .
H01.277.562 Geology .
H01.277.750 Oceanography .
H01.277.750.500 Marine Biology .
H02 Health Occupations .
H02.533 Nutritional Sciences .
H02.533.124 Animal Nutrition Sciences .
H02.533.252 Child Nutrition Sciences .
SH1 Health Sciences, Technology and Innovation Management .
SH1.020 Scientific and Technical Activities .
SH1.020.020 Scientific Domains .
SH1.020.020.040 Health Sciences .
SH1. Nutritional Sciences .
SP4 Environmental Health .
SP4.011 Science .
SP4.011.072 Environmental Sciences .
SP4.011.072.578 Ecology .
SP4.011.072.578.989 Marine Biology .
SP4.011.102 Biology .
SP4.011.102.063 Marine Biology .
SP4.016 Water Resources .
SP4.016.132 Water .
SP4.016.132.553 Surface Waters .
SP4.016.132.553.929 Oceanography .
SP4.016.132.553.929.195 Marine Biology .
SP4.036 Soil 9881 .
SP4.036.382 Edaphology .
SP4.036.382.168 Geology .
SP8 Disasters .
SP8.473 Risk 17142 .
SP8.473.654 Hazards .
SP8.473.654.517 Geology .
SP8.946 Disaster Management .
SP8.946.702 Disaster Planning .
SP8.946.702.667 Specialties in Disasters .
SP8.946.702.667.614 Geology .
SP8.946.702.667.670 Oceanography .
SP8.946.702.667.670.649 Physical Oceanography .
SP8.946.702.667.670.665 Geological Oceanography .
SP8.946.702.667.670.681 Chemical Oceanography .
Z01 Geographic Locations .
Z01.756 Oceans and Seas .
 Synonyms & Historicals
Geological Oceanography .
Part of oceanography which studies the funds and the margin of the oceans, their nature, relief characteristics, physical and chemical composition of materials, the interaction of rocks and sediments to air and seawater, as well as the action of various forms of wave energy underwater in the crust of the earth. .
Pulse Wave Analysis .
Pulse Transit Time .
Pulse Wave Transit Time .
Pulse Wave Velocity .
Analyses, Pulse Wave .
Analysis, Pulse Wave .
Pulse Transit Times .
Pulse Wave Analyses .
Pulse Wave Velocities .
Time, Pulse Transit .
Times, Pulse Transit .
Transit Time, Pulse .
Transit Times, Pulse .
Velocities, Pulse Wave .
Velocity, Pulse Wave .
Wave Analyses, Pulse .
Wave Analysis, Pulse .
Wave Velocities, Pulse .
Wave Velocity, Pulse .
Evaluation of the contour of the PULSE waves which vary in different parts of the circulation and depend on physiological as well as pathophysiological conditions of the individual. .
Chemical Oceanography .
Branch of oceanography which studies the chemical composition of dissolved gases and solids, suspended matter, the composition of ocean waters and its geographical and temporal variability. (Free translation from the original: Material IV - Glosario de Protección Civil, OPS, 1992) .
Physical Oceanography .
Branch of oceanographic science that deals with physical characteristics of the oceans, such as density, temperature and salinity of sea water, the transmission of sound and light scattering in sea water, ice, tides, and spatial and temporal variability of currents and waves. (Free translation from the original: Material IV - Glosario de Protección Civil, OPS, 1992) .
Marine Biology .
Biology, Marine .
Marine Ecology .
Marine Hydrobiology .
Ecology, Marine .
Hydrobiology, Marine .
The study of the origin, structure, development, growth, function, genetics, and reproduction of organisms which inhabit the OCEANS AND SEAS. .
Nutritional Sciences .
Nutrition Science .
Nutrition Sciences .
Nutritional Science .
Science, Nutrition .
Science, Nutritional .
Sciences, Nutrition .
Sciences, Nutritional .
The study of NUTRITION PROCESSES as well as the components of food, their actions, interaction, and balance in relation to health and disease. .
Child Nutrition Sciences .
Adolescent Nutrition Sciences .
Adolescent Nutritional Sciences .
Child Nutritional Sciences .
Infant Nutrition Sciences .
Infant Nutritional Sciences .
Adolescent Nutrition Science .
Adolescent Nutritional Science .
Child Nutrition Science .
Child Nutritional Science .
Infant Nutrition Science .
Infant Nutritional Science .
Nutrition Science, Adolescent .
Nutrition Science, Child .
Nutrition Science, Infant .
Nutrition Sciences, Adolescent .
Nutrition Sciences, Child .
Nutrition Sciences, Infant .
Nutritional Science, Adolescent .
Nutritional Science, Child .
Nutritional Science, Infant .
Nutritional Sciences, Adolescent .
Nutritional Sciences, Child .
Nutritional Sciences, Infant .
Science, Adolescent Nutrition .
Science, Adolescent Nutritional .
Science, Child Nutrition .
Science, Child Nutritional .
Science, Infant Nutrition .
Science, Infant Nutritional .
Sciences, Adolescent Nutrition .
Sciences, Adolescent Nutritional .
Sciences, Child Nutrition .
Sciences, Child Nutritional .
Sciences, Infant Nutrition .
Sciences, Infant Nutritional .
The study of NUTRITION PROCESSES as well as the components of food, their actions, interaction, and balance in relation to health and disease of children, infants or adolescents. .
Geology .
The science of the earth and other celestial bodies and their history as recorded in the rocks. It includes the study of geologic processes of an area such as rock formations, weathering and erosion, and sedimentation. (From McGraw-Hill Dictionary of Scientific and Technical Terms, 6th ed) .
Animal Nutrition Sciences .
Animal Nutritional Sciences .
Nutritional Sciences, Veterinary .
Veterinary Nutritional Sciences .
Animal Nutrition Science .
Animal Nutritional Science .
Nutrition Science, Animal .
Nutrition Science, Veterinary .
Nutrition Sciences, Animal .
Nutrition Sciences, Veterinary .
Nutritional Science, Animal .
Nutritional Science, Veterinary .
Science, Animal Nutrition .
Science, Animal Nutritional .
Science, Veterinary Nutrition .
Science, Veterinary Nutritional .
Sciences, Animal Nutrition .
Sciences, Animal Nutritional .
Sciences, Veterinary Nutrition .
Sciences, Veterinary Nutritional .
Veterinary Nutrition Science .
Veterinary Nutritional Science .
Nutritional Sciences, Animal .
Veterinary Nutrition Sciences .
The study of NUTRITION PROCESSES, as well as the components of food, their actions, interaction, and balance in relation to health and disease in animals. .
Oceans and Seas .
Oceans .
Seas and Oceans .
Seas 11858 .
A great expanse of continuous bodies of salt water which together cover more than 70 percent of the earth's surface. Seas may be partially or entirely enclosed by land, and are smaller than the five oceans (Atlantic, Pacific, Indian, Arctic, and Antarctic). .