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 DeCS Categories

B01 Eukaryota .
B01.300 Fungi .
C25 Chemically-Induced Disorders .
C25.723 Poisoning .
C25.723.415 Foodborne Diseases .
C25.723.680 Mycotoxicosis .
C25.723.756 Plant Poisoning .
SP4 Environmental Health .
SP4.001 Health .
SP4.001.032 Food 4276 .
SP4.001.032.383 Poisoning .
SP4.001.032.383.509 Foodborne Diseases .
SP4.011 Science .
SP4.011.092 Toxicology .
SP4.011.092.753 Poisoning .
SP4.011.092.753.534 Plant Poisoning .
SP4.011.107 Microbiology .
SP4.011.107.203 Fungi .
SP4.046 Occupational Health .
SP4.046.457 Occupational Risks .
SP4.046.457.723 Poisoning .
SP4.046.457.723.954 Plant Poisoning .
VS2 Health Surveillance of Products .
VS2.001 Control and Sanitary Supervision of Foods and Beverages .
VS2.001.003 Food Production .
VS2.001.003.001 Food Inspection .
VS2. Food Contamination .
VS2. Foodborne Diseases .
VS4 Environmental Health Surveillance .
VS4.001 Environmental Health .
VS4.001.002 Environmental Hazards .
VS4.001.002.001 Environmental Exposure .
VS4. Poisoning .
 Synonyms & Historicals
Mycotoxicosis .
Poisoning, Fungus .
Fungus Poisonings .
Mycotoxicoses .
Poisonings, Fungus .
Fungus Poisoning .
Poisoning caused by the ingestion of mycotoxins (toxins of fungal origin). .
Poisoning .
Poisonings .
Intoxication .
A condition or physical state produced by the ingestion, injection, inhalation of or exposure to a deleterious agent. .
/poisoning .
/poisonous effects .
Used with drugs, chemicals, and industrial materials for human or animal poisoning, acute or chronic, whether the poisoning is accidental, occupational, suicidal, by medication error, or by environmental exposure. .
Foodborne Diseases .
Food-borne Diseases .
Food-borne Illnesses .
Foodborne Illnesses .
Poisoning, Food .
Disease, Food-borne .
Disease, Foodborne .
Food Poisonings .
Food borne Diseases .
Food borne Illnesses .
Food-borne Disease .
Foodborne Disease .
Illnesses, Foodborne .
Food Poisoning .
Acute illnesses, usually affecting the GASTROINTESTINAL TRACT, brought on by consuming contaminated food or beverages. Most of these diseases are infectious, caused by a variety of bacteria, viruses, or parasites that can be foodborne. Sometimes the diseases are caused by harmful toxins from the microbes or other chemicals present in the food. Especially in the latter case, the condition is often called food poisoning. .
Fungi .
Filamentous Fungi .
Filamentous Fungus .
Fungus .
Fungus, Filamentous .
Mold 4393 .
Fungi, Filamentous .
Mildew .
Molds .
Zygomycota .
Zygomycotina .
Algae and Fungi .
A kingdom of eukaryotic, heterotrophic organisms that live parasitically as saprobes, including MUSHROOMS; YEASTS; smuts, molds, etc. They reproduce either sexually or asexually, and have life cycles that range from simple to complex. Filamentous fungi, commonly known as molds, refer to those that grow as multicellular colonies. .
Plant Poisoning .
Poisoning, Plant .
Plant Poisonings .
Poisonings, Plant .
Poisoning by the ingestion of plants or its leaves, berries, roots or stalks. The manifestations in both humans and animals vary in severity from mild to life threatening. In animals, especially domestic animals, it is usually the result of ingesting moldy or fermented forage. .