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 DeCS Categories

D12 Amino Acids, Peptides, and Proteins .
D12.776 Proteins .
D12.776.157 Carrier Proteins .
D12.776.157.530 Membrane Transport Proteins .
D12.776.157.530.400 Ion Channels .
D12.776.157.530.400.500 Porins .
D12.776.157.530.400.500.520 Voltage-Dependent Anion Channels .
D12.776.543 Membrane Proteins .
D12.776.543.550 Membrane Glycoproteins .
D12.776.543.550.450 Ion Channels .
D12.776.543.550.450.730 Porins .
D12.776.543.550.450.730.520 Voltage-Dependent Anion Channels .
D12.776.543.585 Membrane Transport Proteins .
D12.776.543.585.400 Ion Channels .
D12.776.543.585.400.730 Porins .
D12.776.543.585.400.730.520 Voltage-Dependent Anion Channels .
D12.776.543.695 Pore Forming Cytotoxic Proteins .
D12.776.543.695.875 Perforin .
D12.776.831 Reptilian Proteins .
D12.776.831.222 Cobra Cardiotoxin Proteins .
D20 Complex Mixtures .
D20.888 Venoms .
D20.888.850 Snake Venoms .
D20.888.850.325 Elapid Venoms .
D20.888.850.325.180 Cobra Cardiotoxin Proteins .
D23 Biological Factors .
D23.946 Toxins, Biological .
D23.946.833 Venoms .
D23.946.833.850 Snake Venoms .
D23.946.833.850.325 Elapid Venoms .
D23.946.833.850.325.180 Cobra Cardiotoxin Proteins .
D27 Chemical Actions and Uses .
D27.888 Toxic Actions .
D27.888.569 Noxae .
D27.888.569.213 Cytotoxins .
 Synonyms & Historicals
Pore Forming Cytotoxic Proteins .
Proteins secreted from an organism which form membrane-spanning pores in target cells to destroy them. This is in contrast to PORINS and MEMBRANE TRANSPORT PROTEINS that function within the synthesizing organism and COMPLEMENT immune proteins. These pore forming cytotoxic proteins are a form of primitive cellular defense which are also found in human LYMPHOCYTES. .
Perforin .
Perforin 1 .
Lymphocyte Pore Forming Protein .
Pore-Forming Protein, Lymphocyte .
Cytolysin .
Lymphocyte Pore-Forming Protein .
A calcium-dependent pore-forming protein synthesized in cytolytic LYMPHOCYTES and sequestered in secretory granules. Upon immunological reaction between a cytolytic lymphocyte and a target cell, perforin is released at the plasma membrane and polymerizes into transmembrane tubules (forming pores) which lead to death of a target cell. .
Porins .
Proteins, Pore .
Pore Proteins .
Porins are protein molecules that were originally found in the outer membrane of GRAM-NEGATIVE BACTERIA and that form multi-meric channels for the passive DIFFUSION of WATER; IONS; or other small molecules. Porins are present in bacterial CELL WALLS, as well as in plant, fungal, mammalian and other vertebrate CELL MEMBRANES and MITOCHONDRIAL MEMBRANES. .
Voltage-Dependent Anion Channels .
Pore Forming Protein VDAC .
VDAC Proteins .
Voltage-Dependent, Anion-Selective Channels .
Anion Channels, Voltage-Dependent .
Anion-Selective Channels Voltage-Dependent .
Channels Voltage-Dependent, Anion-Selective .
Voltage Dependent Anion Channels .
Voltage Dependent, Anion Selective Channels .
A family of voltage-gated eukaryotic porins that form aqueous channels. They play an essential role in mitochondrial CELL MEMBRANE PERMEABILITY, are often regulated by BCL-2 PROTO-ONCOGENE PROTEINS, and have been implicated in APOPTOSIS. .
Cobra Cardiotoxin Proteins .
Cardiotoxin I .
Cardiotoxin II .
Cardiotoxin VII 4 .
Cardiotoxin VII2 .
Cardiotoxin-Like Basic Polypeptide .
Cardiotoxins, Elapid .
Cobra Cytotoxin Proteins .
Cobra Toxin Gamma .
Cobra Venom Cardiotoxin D .
Cytotoxin-Like Basic Protein (Cobra Venom) .
Basic Polypeptide, Cardiotoxin-Like .
Cardiotoxin Like Basic Polypeptide .
Cardiotoxin Proteins, Cobra .
Cardiotoxin, Cobra .
Cytotoxin Proteins, Cobra .
Elapid Cardiotoxins .
Lytic Factors, Direct .
Polypeptide, Cardiotoxin-Like Basic .
Toxin Gamma, Cobra .
Cobra Cardiotoxin .
Direct Lytic Factors .
Most abundant proteins in COBRA venom; basic polypeptides of 57 to 62 amino acids with four disulfide bonds and a molecular weight of less than 7000; causes skeletal and cardiac muscle contraction, interferes with neuromuscular and ganglionic transmission, depolarizes nerve, muscle and blood cell membranes, thus causing hemolysis. .
Cytotoxins .
Cytolysins .
Cytotoxic Agents .
Substances that are toxic to cells; they may be involved in immunity or may be contained in venoms. These are distinguished from CYTOSTATIC AGENTS in degree of effect. Some of them are used as CYTOTOXIC ANTIBIOTICS. The mechanism of action of many of these are as ALKYLATING AGENTS or MITOSIS MODULATORS. .