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 DeCS Categories

E06 Dentistry .
E06.658 Orthodontics .
E06.780 Prosthodontics .
E06.931 Tooth Preparation .
E06.931.750 Tooth Preparation, Prosthodontic .
H02 Health Occupations .
H02.163 Dentistry .
H02.163.876 Specialties, Dental .
H02.163.876.439 Orthodontics .
H02.163.876.708 Prosthodontics .
M01 Persons .
M01.526 Occupational Groups .
M01.526.485 Health Personnel .
M01.526.485.330 Dentists .
N02 Health Care Facilities, Manpower, and Services .
N02.360 Health Personnel .
N02.360.330 Dentists .
 Synonyms & Historicals
Prosthodontics .
Dentistry, Prosthetic .
Prosthetic Dentistry .
A dental specialty concerned with the restoration and maintenance of oral function by the replacement of missing TEETH and related structures by artificial devices or DENTAL PROSTHESES. .
Dentists .
Dentists, Pediatric .
Dentists, Prosthetic .
Dentists, Restorative .
Periodontists .
Prosthodontists .
Dentist .
Dentist, Pediatric .
Dentist, Prosthetic .
Dentist, Restorative .
Pediatric Dentist .
Pediatric Dentists .
Periodontist .
Prosthetic Dentist .
Prosthetic Dentists .
Prosthodontist .
Restorative Dentist .
Restorative Dentists .
Individuals licensed to practice DENTISTRY. .
Tooth Preparation, Prosthodontic .
Preparation, Prosthodontic Tooth .
Preparations, Prosthodontic Tooth .
Prosthodontic Tooth Preparation .
Prosthodontic Tooth Preparations .
Tooth Preparations, Prosthodontic .
The selected form given to a natural tooth when it is reduced by instrumentation to receive a prosthesis (e.g., artificial crown or a retainer for a fixed or removable prosthesis). The selection of the form is guided by clinical circumstances and physical properties of the materials that make up the prosthesis. (Boucher's Clinical Dental Terminology, 4th ed, p239) .
Orthodontics .
A dental specialty concerned with the prevention and correction of dental and oral anomalies (malocclusion). .