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 DeCS Categories

A09 Sense Organs .
A09.371 Eye 3998 .
A09.371.729 Retina .
C14 Cardiovascular Diseases .
C14.907 Vascular Diseases .
C14.907.055 Aneurysm .
C14.907.055.817 Microaneurysm .
D02 Organic Chemicals .
D02.047 Aldehydes .
D02.047.850 Retinaldehyde .
D02.455 Hydrocarbons .
D02.455.326 Hydrocarbons, Acyclic .
D02.455.326.271 Alkenes .
D02.455.326.271.665 Polyenes .
D02.455.326.271.665.202 Carotenoids .
D02.455.326.271.665.202.495 Retinoids .
D02.455.326.271.665.202.495.690 Retinaldehyde .
D02.455.426 Hydrocarbons, Cyclic .
D02.455.426.392 Hydrocarbons, Alicyclic .
D02.455.426.392.368 Cycloparaffins .
D02.455.426.392.368.367 Cyclohexanes .
D02.455.426.392.368.367.379 Cyclohexenes .
D02.455.426.392.368.367.379.249 Carotenoids .
D02.455.426.392.368.367.379.249.700 Retinoids .
D02.455.426.392.368.367.379.249.700.690 Retinaldehyde .
D02.455.849 Terpenes .
D02.455.849.131 Carotenoids .
D02.455.849.131.495 Retinoids .
D02.455.849.131.495.690 Retinaldehyde .
D23 Biological Factors .
D23.767 Pigments, Biological .
D23.767.261 Carotenoids .
D23.767.261.700 Retinoids .
D23.767.261.700.690 Retinaldehyde .
 Synonyms & Historicals
Microaneurysm .
Charcot-Bouchard Aneurysm .
Charcot-Bouchard Aneurysms .
Miliary Aneurysm .
Retinal Microaneurysm .
Aneurysm, Charcot-Bouchard .
Aneurysm, Miliary .
Aneurysms, Charcot-Bouchard .
Aneurysms, Miliary .
Charcot Bouchard Aneurysm .
Charcot Bouchard Aneurysms .
Microaneurysm, Retinal .
Microaneurysms .
Microaneurysms, Retinal .
Miliary Aneurysms .
Retinal Microaneurysms .
Aneurysm of the MICROVASCULATURE. Charcot­Bouchard aneurysms are aneurysms of the brain vasculature which is a common cause of CEREBRAL HEMORRHAGE. Retinal microaneurysm is an early diagnostic sign of DIABETIC RETINOPATHY. .
Retinaldehyde .
11-cis-Retinal .
11 cis Retinal .
Aldehyde, Vitamin A .
Axerophthal .
Retinal .
Retinene .
Vitamin A Aldehyde .
A carotenoid constituent of visual pigments. It is the oxidized form of retinol which functions as the active component of the visual cycle. It is bound to the protein opsin forming the complex rhodopsin. When stimulated by visible light, the retinal component of the rhodopsin complex undergoes isomerization at the 11-position of the double bond to the cis-form; this is reversed in "dark" reactions to return to the native trans-configuration. .
Retina .
Retinas .
The ten-layered nervous tissue membrane of the eye. It is continuous with the OPTIC NERVE and receives images of external objects and transmits visual impulses to the brain. Its outer surface is in contact with the CHOROID and the inner surface with the VITREOUS BODY. The outer-most layer is pigmented, whereas the inner nine layers are transparent. .